8 parts of Grease that are really uncomfortable to watch in 2014.

Grease may be the word, but have you ever noticed that when you sit down to watch it these days, that word suddenly starts to feel very suss?

When looked at through 2014 goggles, a whole lot of the ‘family-favourite’ movie musical begins to take on a very different meaning.

Take a look at these examples and see if you agree:

1. All the teenagers smoke all the time, because all the cool kids know that smoking is cool.

The very first shot we see of sexier-than-the-rest Danny Zuko, is of him turning around with a fag hanging out of his mouth:

And the smoke-cloud just gets bigger from that moment. It even gets to Sandy in the end:

2. The song ‘Summer Nights’ kind of jokes about date rape.

There’s this from the girls: Tell me more, tell me more! Was it love at first sight?

And then this from the boys: Tell me more, tell more! Did she put up a fight?


3. Pretty much every ‘teenager’ in the film is well into adulthood.

Today, you can barely turn on the television without seeing a 24-year-old playing a 16-year-old’s mother. Not so in Grease, where most of the actors were in their 20s, and some even in their 30s.

John Travolta (Danny Zuko) was 23

Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) was 28

From left: Didi Conn (Frenchy) was 25, Jaimie Donnelly (Jan) was 30, Stockard Channing (Rizzo) was 33, and of all the Pink Ladies and T-Birds, only one Dinah Manoff, who played Marty, was a teenager. She was 19.


From Left: Jeff Conaway (Kinikie) was 26, Kelly Ward (Putzie) was 20, Barry Pearl (Doody) was 27 and Michael Tucci (Sonny) was 31.

4. Jan is portrayed as the fattest pig of all the fat pigs in the fatty fat universe.

There is rarely a moment that Jan, the ‘fat’ one, isn’t pictured without food. When everyone else is being super cool smoking, she usually has a cookie and/or twinkie sticking out of her mouth.

At one point, Putzie even pays Jan a ‘compliment’ that is meant to be her most romantic moment in the film: “I think there is more to you than just fat,” he says. BE STILL MY BEATING, CHUBBY HEART.

5. Danny actually tries to sexually assault Sandy at the drive-in.

Hey, Danny Zuko, when a girl is screaming ‘NO’ and struggling to get away from you, you don’t then pin her down in the front seat of your car and tell her that ‘nobody’s watching’. That’s f*cked up:

6. What the hell is going on with creepy (and much older) DJ Vince Fontaine taking advantage of Marty like it’s no big deal?

7. Rizzo admits that she has sex because girls shouldn’t ‘tease’ guys.

In the song ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’, Rizzo basically argues that it’s better to be the girl who has sex with all the guys than the one who teases them sexually without ‘following through’ (then you’d just end up with Danny attacking you at a drive-in, right?): “There are worse things I could do, than go with a boy or two…. I could flirt with all the guys, smile at them and bat my eyes. Press against them when we dance, make them think they stand a chance, then refuse to see it through. That’s a thing I’d never do.”

8. Sandy’s whole depressing transformation.

To little girls watching everywhere: Being yourself is definitely NOT the way to go. If you want a man, you need to morph your identity to meet his needs.