Daily Buzz: Grant Hackett's violent outburst

Grant Hackett and Candice Alley during happier times


News Limited published photos of the destruction that followed a violent outburst by Grant Hackett in October last year while his wife Candice Alley and two children were in the home. The images showed holes punched in walls, a bedroom door all but obliterated and his wife’s grand piano tipped over on its side.

The damage was done after an alleged boozy turn at Derby Day. At the time Hackett told media the incident was an ‘unfortunate understanding’ and that the family was ‘100 per cent OK’.

Candice and Grant announced their split in May this year.

The fallout from incident has caught up with the former swim star, who is also set to commentate for Channel Nine during this year’s Olympics. A children’s charity set up in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre to protect children from violence – The Allanah and Madeline Foundation – informed Hackett’s management he was no longer required as an ambassador last week, before the photos were published.

Hackett’s employers Westpac and Channel Nine have both stated he remains with them.

Here’s what else is on our radar today and from the weekend:

1. And Eurovision was on over the weekend, complete with catchy music and a bit of pizzazz in the fashion stakes. Sweden won the competition in an upset.

2. Parents in New South Wales who buy alcohol for other children could face up to 12 months’ jail under tough new laws.

3. Horrific footage has emerged from Syria over the weekend. At least 32 children were among 108 slaughtered in the Syrian town of Houla by the regime they seek to topple. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has increased his crackdown on anti-government protestors.

4. Can it be true, have TV bosses finally accepted we want ‘older’ women on our television screens? News Limited tallied the range of more mature women on our TV screens over the weekend and found:

“Lisa Wilkinson, 52, has notched up five years as the co-host of Channel 9’s breakfast show Today, Juanita Phillips, 48, presents ABC’s evening news, Channel 7 newsreader Kay McGrath is 55, A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw is 51, and 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes is 56.”

Speaking of experienced journos, you might recognise these:

5. It’s a new week and that means … more leadership speculation. PM Julia Gillard is fending off another round of chatter about her grip on the top job after Immigration Minister Chris Bowen granted mining boss Gina Rinehart an allowance to import 1700 mining workers which the PM then claimed she knew nothing about. But did she? That’s the question that has her party talking.

6. Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths rely on cheap labour in places like South Africa and Thailand to produce their growing range of home brand items creating increased competition in the grocery sector. Are you a home brander?