Grant Hackett's ex-wife breaks her silence.

Grant Hackett and Candice Alley during happier times.

Grant Hackett’s ex-wife  has said that she was “filled with horror” over her husband’s meltdown in front of their four-year-old twins, Charlize and Jagger.

In her first interview since the pair’s split, Candice Alley has described her reaction to to the former Olympic swimmer’s infamous meltdown in Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

During the episode, Hackett allegedly lost Jagger, and left Charlize alone in their apartment to wander about the casino semi-naked looking for him. Jagger was later found on the 20th floor, 14 floors above the apartment in which the family had been staying.

Via The Herald Sun:

“These latest allegations fill me with horror,” she said.

“As a mother, I am devastated by what I have read in the newspaper and seen on television.

“The thought of our children being at risk, by either allegedly wandering around a hotel in the middle of the night or being left alone in a hotel room, is extremely shocking to me.”

She also denied that it was possible for Jagger to have wandered off without some negligence on Hackett’s part. “I seriously doubt that Jagger would, given his nature, wander away. Nor do I understand how he could physically open a heavy hotel room door,” she said.

Alley is currently in the process of obtaining CCTV footage from Crown Casino, in order to determine exactly what happened that night.

Alley and Hackett separated in May 2012, and finalised their divorce in August 2013. Their split came after police were called to their apartment to attend a dispute back in late 2011, during which the police reported that their apartment was “in disarray”.

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