Grammys cheat sheet - the only 8 moments that mattered

A big hat, some head banging and a solemn teen were the headlines of this year’s Grammy Awards. These are the eight moments everyone’s talking about:

1. Pharrell wore a large brown hat that caused everyone to lose their minds

Pictured above: The hat that ruled the night.

So big and so glorious, Pharrell's hat was first spotted on the red carpet.

Arby's tweeted at Pharell and asked for their hat back

And Smokey the Bear even got in on the fun because, apparently, Smokey the Bear has a Twitter account.

Is that a forest fire we smell or just a sick burn by Smokey the Bear?

Also feel free to follow Pharrell's hat on Twitter. The new handle already has more than 15,000 followers.

2. In addition to strange headwear, Twitterers also had a lot to say about Taylor Swift

There was this great reaction and recovery gif that surfaced after Taylor and her team thought she had won album of the year for her record "Red."

The award went to Daft Punk for their album "Random Access Memories," which to be fair sounds a lot like "Red" at the beginning.

Also, please take note of this man:

That wasn't the only GIF-able moment of the night for T. Swift however, as anyone who caught her performance surely knows...

There was quite a bit of headbanging involved.

No doubt Ms. Swift is suffering some serious whiplash this morning.

3. Speaking of gifs, here's one someone made to commemorate the excitement Lorde felt when she won her first Grammy for song of the year

It's possible Taylor Swift was more excited for Lorde than Lorde was for herself.

4. The moment of the night that received the most tweets-per-minute was Kendrick Lamar's performance with Imagine Dragons

5. Queen Latifah officiated the wedding of 34 same-sex couples during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' performance of "Same Love" (which also featured a cameo by Madonna).

6. The most tweeted about stars of the night?



and Taylor Swift

Probably partially for this dance to Kendrick Lamar's performance of "m.A.A.d city."

7. Also Neil Patrick Harris continued to prove he was amazing by photobombing Chrissy Teigan and John Legend

Because everything he does is amazing.

8. And finally: Beyonce and Jay Z opened the show with a performance of "Drunk In Love" — and let's just say it was well received

Not to mention the fact that Jay Z joked (at least we think it was a joke) that he would let Blue Ivy use his Grammy as a sippy cup.

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