Man arrested while proposing to his girlfriend

Justin Harrel thought long and hard about how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Elaina. He wanted it to be very romantic. He decided to do it in Elk City, Oklahoma during the Christmas In The Park extravaganza.

It was all going off without a hitch. The 32-year-old knew without a doubt he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Elaina Rios. It was then that he got ready to get down on bended knee.

Just metres away from the romantic scene, off duty police officer Lt. Detective Steven Bonds, recognised the romeo as the man he’d been looking for who had several warrants out against him for bounced cheques. He stepped in and slapped handcuffs on him.

Justin knew he’d been caught but he was determined to finish his proposal. He begged the police officer for five minutes. He asked that the handcuffs be removed so he could place the ring on Elaina’s finger (probably purchased with one of the aforementioned bounced cheques). He said, “Can you give me five minutes? Can you give me five minutes?” He said “I’m just fixing to propose to my girlfriend”. He said “Yeah go ahead and do that”. “Can you uncuff me?” “No,”‘ Elk City Police Chief Eddie Holland told Newson6.

Officer Bonds refused to take the handcuffs off but reached into his pocket for him and handed the ring to Elaina.

So romantic.

Surprisingly she accepted the ring and waved her new fiance off as he was carted off to jail.

Talk about a story to tell the grandkids.

The bride-to-be isn't put off by her fiance's transgressions. She told Newson6, "We're best friends. He completes me. He's my rock and I'm his rock. Everybody thinks he's a bad guy and he's not."

Meanwhile, Officer Bond's boss, Police Chief Holland, said the incident was "policing at its best with a heart."

Do you have a proposal story that tops this?