An interview with Gorgi Coghlan about skincare.

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You’ve probably seen Gorgi Coghlan on your TV from time to time – she filled in for Carrie Bickmore on The Project when Carrie was on maternity leave, and used to co-host Channel 10’s The Circle.

Coghlan is good at what she does. She’s also good at looking after herself.

One of the first things you notice about Gorgi is how glowy her skin is – which is rather miraculous, given that she spends much of her time slathered in thick TV makeup or outdoors on her farm 

When I found out I could ask Gorgi what her secrets were for this Natural Instinct series, I was pleased. And when she finally revealed them to me, I was beyond pleased – because it’s something so simple that anyone could nail at any age….

Q: Gorgi you have ravishing skin, you really do. I want to know every little detail about what you put on it each day, every day….

I turned 40 in August and as I’ve gotten older I do less and less with my skin.  In the morning I put on a vitamin B serum to help repair my cells, followed by a zinc 30+ sunscreen.  I don’t wear any make-up unless I’m on camera for The Project.

“In the morning I put on a vitamin B serum to help repair my cells, followed by a zinc 30+ sunscreen. I don’t wear any make-up unless I’m on camera for The Project.” Image via Instagram @gandjballarat

Q: You have a very healthy lifestyle – you live on a farm and are active a lot – but what do you specifically do to stay healthy?

I cut out sugar from my diet around five months ago, along with coffee and dairy and I feel incredible.  I very rarely drink alcohol and I take a daily zinc supplement after brekkie, which makes me feel alert and mentally healthy.  I regularly have acupuncture sessions with my wonderful Chinese medicine specialist too.

Q: You used to be an Equestrian – a very good one so I’ve been told – how did you protect your skin when you competed or rode your horse on a day to day basis?

In hindsight I should have been more diligent with my sunscreen.  I recently had a biopsy on my nose and the cells were just starting to change into something nasty, so I’m super strict with zinc now.

Q: What do you do each week to get a hit of nature?

I live on a farm and love to garden and ride my horses to re-connect with Mother Nature.  It’s a beautiful contrast to the TV studio.  When I’m working, I always take roses and other flowers from my garden into the make-up girls so that I’ve always got a visual connection to my home.

Q: As a mum what products do you allow your daughter to use?

My daughter is only four and a half so no demands for beauty products yet!  But I only use organic, natural bubble bath and cleansing lotion and I wash her hair with [a natural] shampoo and conditioner.  The less chemicals I can expose her to the better.

Gorgi with Natasha Exelby on set for The Project. Image via Twitter.

Q: Are you concerned about using chemicals on her skin?

Yes, we always choose natural products.

Q: How have the products you use on your skin changed in the past 10 years?

I don’t just buy any ‘brands’ now – and I only use natural products if anything at all and my skin has never been better.  My lifestyle and diet affect the quality of my skin, not how much money I spend on big brands.

Q: If you could recommend one thing to your younger self about skincare – what would it be?

Less is more. Go natural sister and ALWAYS put on the zinc sunscreen.

What advice would you give your younger self about skincare?

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