Sooo I kinda maybe spent $42 on a freakin' eyebrow pencil. This is my review.

Before you say anything, let me: paying 42 smackaroos for a freakin’ eyebrow pencil does seem totally absurd.

I get it. I’m right there with ya, reader friend.


When you are impatient (like me) and generally ungifted when it comes to the dark arts of makeup application (me again) you need all the help you can get.

Also, the ‘Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil’ from Benefit Cosmetics may or may not be really cool-and-shiny-looking. And after a long day of staring at this godforsaken laptop of mine, shiny things tend to end up in my hand at the cash register at Sephora. Call it fate, or a very low threshold for the stress of daily life, but it just happens. I blame commercialism. Or consumerism. Or capitalism or whatever.

I paid $42 for a bloody eyebrow pencil, okay? That is a thing that I did. I hate myself too.

So shiny tho.

In my (admittedly weak) defence, I am blonde and blonde eyebrow pencils are impossible, I repeat IMPOSSIBLE to find. They are either orange or brown and there is nothing in between. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

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Anyway. The eyebrow pencil. I obviously had to road test it considering I took out a mortgage to get it.

First impressions

Okay. I'm not sure if it's just me, but this pencil seems not very pencil like. It's more robust than a pencil... but less pigmented. Kinda like a crayon. But, you know, one that costs $42.

Have I made a really, really bad decision?

I knew I should've spent that $42 on tacos. Dammit.

Ok ok ok Michelle be positive and stop thinking about delicious nacho-y meat. Positive thoughts. Channel your inner Phoebe from Friends.

I'm enjoying the fact that this bad boy has a spoolie-brush on the end so that I can comb my strands into place. It feels expensive, and considering that nothing else in my life is expensive, it's a welcome change.


Also, I gotta say - the shade is ON. POINT. Huzzah! Finally an eyebrow product that works with my kinda-dishwater-kinda-really-blonde hair colour.

One week in

You guys. I was so wrong. I was in the dark, but now I have awkwardly meandered into the light.

I love it.


After three or four uses, this pencilly-crowny-thingy has a lot more kick than it first did. It's come to life with one true purpose to serve the caterpillars on my face.

I still find the fancy packaging mesmerising at 7am, which is impressive, because I'm not even medically alive at 7am.

I bought an eyebrow pencil for $42. That is a thing that I did. #why #whymichellewhy #reviewcoming #couldaboughtsomanytacos

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I also can't get over how good this shade - 01 Light - is for fair haired lasses like myself. It's the exact same colour as my existing brows. I truly thought this moment would never happen to me - kinda like when my boyfriend said he'd date me and I didn't even have to pay him.

And! The triangular shape of the pencil makes application easier somehow. Illuminati confirmed.

I see this pencil as the foolproof tool for eyebrow dummies. And I almost, um, well, I think it might be worth the $42?

.... Is that utterly ludicrous?


But hey, my eyebrow game is officially strong enough to cop the heat. So come at me, fiscally conservative makeup haters. I can take it. This is my new holy grail brow product, and we're never parting ways.

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