Go Bare to give women the basics.

Fatima. Image by Martin Potter/MSIA

From the moment a girl is born into extreme poverty, she is too often destined to live a life of hardship and disadvantage. For her, the very basics can be out of reach – healthcare, education, and the right to make decisions over her own body and life.  We are all aware of the devastating effects of extreme poverty in Africa. Sometimes the issue can seem so vast and overwhelming that when we want to help, it’s hard to know where to start.

So what can you do? Go back to the basics and Go Bare! Marie Stopes International Australia and CARE Australia, with the support of AusAID, have launched Bare – an initiative to raise awareness of the millions of women and girls who go without access to the basics every day of their lives. On September 14 they are asking all Australians to pare back their lifestyle for one day and go back to the basics. But don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be drastic! Simply face the world makeup free, leave your phone or jewellery at home or go without your tie. By going Bare for a day you will be joining a movement to raise awareness for the women and girls who go without so much more.

Mayassa. Image by Martin Potter/MSIA

Bare Ambassador Dr Joanna McMillan, Channel Nine’s TODAY Show nutritionist and lifestyle expert, has committed to going without makeup and jewellery for the day, and will be wearing plain clothes to symbolise Bare.

A recent survey of more than 1000 people revealed which basics Australian’s couldn’t bear to go without. The findings showed that 53 per cent of Australian’s couldn’t bear to go without their wallet or purse, and 37 per cent couldn’t bear to go without their mobile phone. The results bring to light the gap between Australia and developing countries, and are a stark reminder of the courage many women need to survive the daily adversity of living in poverty.

So, what will you go without on Friday 14 September? Lead the movement. Empower others and help raise awareness. Visit to pledge your support.

For more information, contact:

Samantha Porter 0407 585 600

Laura Hill 0419 567 777

Bare is an initiative of Marie Stopes International Australia and CARE Australia, supported by AusAID.

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