Jennifer Lawrence sums up what's was wrong with Hollywood in two sentences.

Heather Morris with baby daddy Taylor Hubbell

1.Glee star expecting her first child.

Heather Morris, 26, who plays Brittany on tv show Glee is said to be more than three months pregnant with her first child. The father is Taylor Hubbell – her high school sweetheart.

“It was totally unexpected, but they are incredibly happy and excited,” a source told Us Weekly.

“She’s a little more than three months along and starting to show.”

The baby news reportedly caught the couple by surprise but they are said to be thrilled. Morris told Fitness magazine two years ago that she would love to be a mother.

“I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him,” Heather said. “I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won’t continue.”

2. Jon Hamm comes out of the closet, or more accurately goes into it – and things get pretty wild. Take a look here.

3. When intelligence attacks: don’t mess with Matt Da-mon.

Matt Damon was attending the Save Our Schools education rally with his mother (who is a teacher) in Washington when an ignorant reporter and her cameraman decided to take him to task. Take a look at what happened next:

If you can’t watch it because your boss/little people expect you to be doing something else (pfft), Matt Damon gave the journalist a literary smackdown, using phrases like “intrinsically paternalistic,” and then his mum joined in. Snaps to that.

4.Channing Tatum‘s pregnant wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum is the latest star to defend Kim Kardashian. Click here to see what she said.

Where’s those boots from I hear you ask? Soon you’ll be able to find out with one click

5. You can now ‘Shazam’ outfits, this changes EVERYTHING

Time to get excited; if you’ve ever tried to track down what a celebrity is wearing or passed someone in the street and wanted to know where their clothing was from, Shazam’s new app is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO, hasn’t revealed when the new fashion app will be released, but hinted it might not be too far away.

“We have the ability to identify the product in a TV show so that when somebody Shazams it, they could find out where a presenter’s dress is from in one click,” Fisher told the Guardian.

6.Kate Hudson has opened up about falling pregnant early in her relationship with Matthew Bellamy. Click here for the interview.

7. Jennifer Lawrence sums up what’s was wrong with Hollywood in two sentences.

Add this to the list of reasons why you love Jennifer Lawrence. She succinctly sums up just how Hollywood treats women by depicting us as three tired stereotypes.

8. Courtney Love is making a comeback … of sorts … click here to see what she’s doing now.

9. Wacky fashion via Moscow Fashion Week

We love looking at the international runways, it never fails to surprise and delight.Case in point, this interesting gold/studded/smiley face mash up. Who thinks to put that kind of head-to-toe metallic combination together? British design duo, Fyodor Golan that’s who.