Skype-birthing is a thing now.

Would you be happy to give birth on Skype? These mums did, and it meant their loved ones were with them all the way…

There are a handful of people most of us are happy to have in our birthing suite – our partner, our mum and medical staff. Everyone else gets kicked out well before it’s time to push.

But what do you do when one of those key people isn’t able to be there?

‘Techno Births’ are becoming common place in maternity wards around the country. Women in labour are bringing their laptops and hooking up to Skype so their partner or parents can share in their birth experience.

Skype births have been common in military families but are being accessed by expectant mums in a variety of circumstances. Some women have partners who travel and can’t get back in time for the birth. Others have family who live interstate or overseas who don’t want to miss out on seeing their grandchild, niece or nephew enter the world.

Bianca from Queensland dialled in for her birth so partner Ben could be there for baby Georgia’s birth. She went into labour on July 15 last year and her husband, who works nightshift as an underground coal miner, wasn’t able to make it back because there were no flights home.

Nicole with baby Silvia, dad Preston watched her give birth on Skype

Instead he was able to experience the birth remotely.

"He left work and travelled to his dad and stepmum’s house, half an hour away," she told Practical Parenting. "As soon as I saw him on Skype in front of me, I knew I could deliver our baby safely with him there the whole way with me."

Nicole Robbins from Kansas in the US had made peace with the fact army specialist husband Preston wouldn't be present for the birth of their baby girl. She arrived at hospital and was feeling scared at the prospect of giving birth without him by her side supporting her.

Little did she know that her tech-savvy husband had organised a live hook-up with the hospital from Afghanistan via Skype and he was waiting for her online by the time she arrived.

Preston blew kisses to his wife Nicole as she gave birth to his daughter

As Nicole gave birth she was able to look over at her husband who smiled, blew kisses and reassured her that she was doing well.

Baby Silvia was born just after 2pm and Nicole is so happy she and Preston were able to share the experience. "At least he was part of the journey through Skype," she told Fox News. "It’s just been amazing."

"He will always carry that with him. He knows that he was there to witness the birth of his daughter."

Images courtesy of Fox News.

Would you give birth on Skype? Have you heard of someone using Skype from the birthing suite?

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