Not everyone agrees with Giuliana Rancic's latest beauty treatment.

That’s one GIANT needle.

Giuliana Rancic, 40, is very open when it comes to her love of beauty treatments. But her latest Instagram picture she shared while in the chair of a Los Angeles plastic surgeon has her followers divided.

Rancic shared the below image of her receiving vitamin facial injections at Dr. Raj Kanodia plastic surgery, captioning the image with, “Taking my vitamins #vitaminfacial by @karlalum for #drrajkanodia”

Giuliana having vitamin facial injections.

Also know as a 'cocktail vitamin' it is a new treatment available at the surgery, which is said to, "restore dermal-epidermal junctional integrity by depositing essential nutrients in the skin where they belong."

It is delivered through a special 'meso gun' (the GIANT looking needle) and consists of multiple micro-injections which are delivered without cutaneous damage. It is said to be pain free with "only 5-10 injections being felt out of approximately 500 serial injections."

The 'cocktail' injection contains vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and K, hyaluronic acid, which replenishes loss of endogenous hyaluronic acid from skin, essential amino acids – arginine, cystine, valine etc, co-enzyme – CoA, TPP and nucleic acid.

The treatment is recommended for the face, neck and decollete, which appears to be where Rancic is receiving treatment.  Prices range from $400-$900 per treatment. Steep.

The image immediately sparked outrage amongst her followers, who said she shouldn't be so vain and age gracefully. Rancic was also accused of setting a bad example for the younger generations who would find cosmetic procedures to be the norm.

Yet others supported Rancic and praised her for being so open and honest about receiving cosmetic procedures.

Many of Rancic's followers questioned the purpose of the treatment, asking why the star couldn't "ingest her vitamins" and suggested that she should "try and eat healthy" instead.

However the treatment appears to be purely for cosmetic purposes and has no relation to increasing her personal health.

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