real life

The question men and women answer differently. Very differently.


When a guy asks a random girl on the street whether she wants to have sex with him, he’s likely to receive a laugh – if not a drink – thrown in his face.

When a girl asks a strange man on the street the same question, she is far more likely to receive a positive answer. (Although sometimes quickly followed by a, “I better not be getting robbed right now.”)

Don’t believe us? Allow us to present two pieces of audiovisual scientific data, where an experiment with simple yet rigorously tested methodology was carried out over 100 times to take into account all variables. (In other words, anecdotal evidence brought to you by YouTube).

A guy asks 100 women if they’ll have sex with him. One hundred women say no. A girl asks 100 guys if they’ll have sex with her and…?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Do you think men are more likely to accept offers of sex from strangers, than women are?