Share: 7 ways to get the kids out of the house in as little time as possible.

If I invited you over to my house during the week, you could be forgiven for thinking I was slightly bonkers (or time challenged).

You see, there’s a very good chance the table would be laid and the food partially served for the next meal. Breakfast prepared before bed, plates laid for dinner before the kids come home from school. But I am not completely out of kilter. I am just doing what I can to be super organised.

You see like all mums I am busy, and bringing up three kids as a single Mum, and working would be practically impossible without some form of structure. It is the only way I can get through the week.

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So here are my top tips for organising the chaos.

Tip #1

School uniforms are on before breakfast, including socks and shoes. Try and get them to lay them out the night before so they jump straight into them when they wake up.

Tip #2

Ban TV in the morning. It sounds like hard work but it actually keeps things running smoother. The kids don’t get distracted and they actually respond when you tell them to “get dressed and put on that shoe now!” The only warning is that the noise level is a little higher.

Lunchboxes – they are hard work!

Tip #3

Lunchboxes – they are hard work, aren’t they? Force yourself to unpack them as soon as the kids walk in the door (or get the kids to unpack them) and then repack the majority of it while the kids are being fed. Leave the sandwiches till the morning but you can easily pack their crackers, cut up the fruit, put in some yoghurt or smoothies and throw the whole thing in the fridge ready for just a fresh sandwich in the morning.

Tip #4

Snack foods are a godsend. There is such a misconception that snack foods are a no-no for “good mothers”. Let’s get real here. They are not all bad. Make your choices wisely and you will never look back. It saves wastage – if the kids don’t want something in their lunchbox you can just transfer it to tomorrow’s lunch. It is so easy to throw a few smoothies, some yoghurt tubs and some pre-packed packets of rice crackers into a bag for those afternoon activities. Life is hard enough for us already, why make it tougher?

Tip #5

Laundry: don’t let it pile up. Get it done, get it folded and get it away. A tsunami of clean clothes tumbling through the laundry is never helpful. Some people swear by having three labeled laundry baskets so the kids can put their dirty clothes straight into the “whites”, “colours” or “delicate” baskets. (With two boys in my house we need a “heavy duty” basket too!)

Laundry. Get it done!

Tip #6

Pack their bags the night before and have them ready to go so you are not scrambling around looking for that all important loom band or pencil case the next day.

 Tip #7

Use the weekends wisely – this is the time I organise the cupboard with lots of ziplock bags filled with crackers, pretzels, sultanas and dried fruit. They are easy to grab on the way out the door during the week or to throw in a lunch box. Pre-cook as many meals as possible and do double – then whack them in the freezer.

What are your top tips for keeping organised?

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