Here's a profession your parents can boast to their friends about…

german sex party
Could you make millions being the perfect host?

Here’s a profession your parents can tell their friends about:

Professional Sex Host. Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

Um… Sexual Inn Keeper? Person Who Plans Orgy Parties? Sexy-Times Party Planner?

We’re not sure what it’s called. But basically, a couple in Germany have made millions from being the people whose house you can have sex at.

They just throw epic sex parties and charge random people a LOT of money to come.

They don’t actually participate in the sexy-times, so one can only assume they hide in the kitchen eating chips and giggling at everybody’s embarrassing involuntary moaning.

BAM – millionaires.

It works like this – you know that people want to do all the crazy sex in all kinds of different ways. You know that if they want to explore all those kinds of different ways, they need somewhere to do it. So, you charge them to do it at your place. And boy, do you charge them the big bucks.

Said German couple were charging $250 per person per party. That’s a lot of sex-guest money.


But before you go running down to Coles to pick up some paper plates and plastic cups, remember this:

Even Sex Party-Planners have to pay their taxes.

The reason this German couple’s finances are making headlines is because they’ve been busted for not paying their taxes since 2005. But considering they owe over ONE MILLION BUCKS, they must have been raking it in.

german sex party
Cupcakes? No?

So, besides paying tax on your guarenteed millions, what are the rules?

How does one come to call themselves a successful sex-party host? This story, while brief, raises a lot of important questions about orgy-host etiquette.

Do you provide the food/drink? And if so, what do you provide? Mini quiches?

Do you have a different theme for each party? What would the themes be? Sexy Pirates? Disney?

Do you let the fun just kind of wind down, or do you flash the lights on and off when it’s time to go?

How exactly would one become a sex-party millionaire?

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