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Your speedy update on all the day’s big stories, Monday, April 28 2014

Geoff Heugill and wife charged with drug possession.

Former Australian Olympic medallist Geoff Heugill and his wife Sara Hills have been charged with drug possession. The pair allegedly locked themselves inside a disabled toilet on Saturday in the corporate area of Randwick Racecourse before they were discovered by police with a substance that authorities “believed to be cocaine.” Police were sent to find the couple after CCTV footage showed them walking into the toilet in the Moet Lounge. Police have confirmed the pair were taken into custody late Saturday, saying that they were found in possession of a ‘small quantity of white powder.’ Heugill and Hill, parents to two daughters aged two and three months, are set to appear in court next month.

Aussie 'hijacker' on his way home.

The Australian man at the centre of the Brisbane to Bali Virgin Airlines hijacking drama has finally spoken out and claims that the media have wrongly portrayed his actions and caused a 'huge misunderstanding.' Matt Lockley (left), who it was reported had attempted to hijack the flight mid-air, closing Bali's international airport, says that he actually had a panic attack on board, adding: "I just wanna use the toilet and by accident I knocked on the cockpit door." Lockley has praised Indonesian authorities, who arrested him at gunpoint on Friday, saying they "have provided me with a lot of care and support." Lockley won't be charged and is on a plane home to Australia.

Fertility breakthrough:Test your sperm at home. 

Scientists in the US have announced their creation of a portable fertility test, which will enable men to test the quality of their sperm within their own homes. The American researchers say their fertility kit may be available to the public by next year. The DIY kit will enable men with fertility issues to test in privacy without having to make countless trips to the doctor (and the infamous "room with the magazines"). The creaters of the device, Greg Sommer and Ulrich Schaff, say that the tests can provide results with a few minutes. The pair are also working on developing a mobile app to allow men to compare their results and discuss them with their doctors.


MERS could be the new SARS.

102 people have so far died from a lethal Middle East virus that authorities say is related to SARS. Saudi Arabia's Health Ministry have confirmed that over the last 24 hours they have come across 16 cases of what they've named 'Middle East Respiratory Syndrome' or MERS, which was first discovered in September 2012. On Saturday, Egyptian authorities revealed that a 27-year-old engineer who had just returned from Saudi Arabia was infected with the disease. Countries including Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Qatar have also reported cases as well as a few in Europe and Asia. It is not known yet how MERS is transmitted and there is currently no cure, though some people infected with the disease haven't fallen ill.

Now, that's what we call a big baby!

Carisa Ruscak was born last Tuesday and was instantly deemed the second-biggest baby ever born at the US Massachusetts General Hospital. Carisa weighted in at 14.5 pounds (that's 6.57kg)  - double the average American newborn. Caroline Ruscak told ABC News that after her c-section everyone in the room said "Oh my God, look at the size of this baby! Let's get her on the scale, what does she weight?'" Carisa was born weighing the same amount as an average 6-month-old baby, with only one in 100,000 babies weighing over 14 pounds. Her parents weren't all that surprised, as their first child weighed over 10 pounds.

Meet Carisa in the video below...