The internet is at war over Wonder Woman's armpits, and it's getting bloody.

And, in today’s episode of ‘why women are terrifying’ we bring you a special report on armpit hair. Not just any armpit hair, either: this is superpower armpit hair belonging to none other than Wonder Woman herself. Magical superhero armpit hair.

…Or rather, lack thereof.

Some viewers of the soon-to-be-released Wonder Woman movie have keenly spotted a fairly large oversight in the film – Wonder Woman’s armpit are oddly bald. Didn’t catch it?

Fast forward to the 1:47 mark in the trailer and indeed it seems that dark-haired actress Gal Gadot has had her armpits wiped out altogether. Zilch. Baby-bottom-bare. And are they….glowing?

Fans have been quick to point out the obvious digital blurring of Gadot’s armpits, particularly in contrast to the rest of her body; whilst others are just generally put out that a bad-ass female superhero still needs to look like a Barbie doll.


The Twittersphere has literally been cleaved in two by Gadot’s (missing) armpit hair, with some fans feeling that’s a storm in a teacup.

“Wonder Woman is symbol of feminism and feminism means women being equal to men & doing whatever they want to do even shaving armpits,” wrote one Twitter user.

“For those who are complaining about #WonderWoman’s armpits. She is either made from clay or a demi-God… She may not EVER grow hair there,” pointed out another.

Most, however, were just face-palming over the absurdity of the situation:


So, does it really matter if Wonder Woman has hairy armpits?

Here’s a few thoughts: realistically speaking, living on the isolated island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman was unlikely to have been privy to our modern Western obsession with hair removal. I daresay, as the Princess of the Amazons, she would have perhaps had more on her plate than locating a Schick before breakfast.

And even if she did, would she have cared? I mean, like, if you’re floating a few tasks (saving the world, being a God, falling in love) there may potentially be more on your mind than a hairy pit. Don’t you know that it’s scientifically proven that stress levels can be measured by the length of women’s leg hairs? (That’s a lie, but find me one woman with kids under the age of five who shaves above her knee.)

Geeky musings aside – we’re falling a little deep into the wormhole, people – I still believe it’s high time our big-screen female heroes maybe started to look like the rest of us. And whilst Gadot is a real-life goddess, a bit of hair couldn’t have hurt. Does she grow armpit hair? I bet she does. And I bet it’s lovely. And yet the producers have deemed it so offensive that it needed to be wiped out with a nuclear-strength CGI blurring tool.

Armpit hair represents so much more than simply fighting the male gaze: it’s about being strong, masculine, irreverent. It’s about refusing to inconvenience yourself for the convenience of appearing traditionally ‘sexy’. This might come as a rude shock, but there are actually some women in the world who like the look of underarm hair. Quelle horreur!

At the end of the day, Wonder Woman is Warner-Bros-branded escapism, not an exercise in tackling the aesthetic of modern feminine beauty. Sit back, crack the popcorn, and enjoy it. Hairy armpits or not.

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