Is it easier to get a cold in winter? This old wive's tale debunked.






My friend Amanda is Commissioner of the Spencer Police. She’s convinced the minute anyone steps outside between June 1 and the end of August without a singlet, spencer or skivvy under whatever they’re wearing, they’re begging for the flu to move into their place. But is it easier to get a cold in winter?

Amanda reckons a child arriving at school with wet hair is a child whose parents don’t love them, and the road to pneumonia is walked in bare feet.

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There are, of course, those who disagree with Amanda. These people are called doctors and they say colds and flu are viruses, which are no more common in cold weather than warm. The reason we catch more bugs in winter, they say, is because we are stay inside together more so the germs travel happily from one person to the next.

According to our neighbour Bruce, who’s a GP, if you went skiing nude you’d have no more chance of catching a cold than you would using an ATM at a shopping centre. Although your risk of dying of hypothermia is significantly lower, of course.

Me? I’m with the doctors. I don’t like cold weather but I don’t believe it’s inherently dangerous. We cancelled a camping trip once because the forecast was so dire. Gale force winds, freezing nights and torrential rain. Call me a wuss, but that’s not fun. Lots of people said, ‘Smart move, you don’t want everyone getting sick.’ Of course we don’t, but I was more concerned about the amount of laundry I’d have to do.


It makes sense though, to think that if your body is using up energy shivering that your immunity might be compromised. I get that, totally. And, there’s something chilling about watching your seven year old come down the stairs in her favourite summer nightie when the dog is breathing mist. So even though I don’t believe cold causes colds, I’m hard-wired to say, ‘Get back upstairs and put your dressing gown and slippers on. You’ll catch your death. And I’m your mother so I know.’

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What’s your thinking on winter ills? Are you a singlet soldier or a fresh air fan? Any preventatives or remedies you’d like to share?