WATCH: The hilarious faces we all pull when applying mascara.

You know you do it… 

Ever caught sight of your face in the mirror when applying mascara and had to resist the urge to laugh? Say hello to your ‘mascara face’ – and don’t worry, we all have one.

After discussing our various mascara-applying facial expressions in detail, The Glow team decided to film them in action. Oh boy. (Take a look at our mascara faces at their best. Post continues after video.)

While most of us tend to open our mouth super wide, none of us actually had any idea why we did it.

Some theories claim it can help stop you from blinking while others say it’s more to do with copying how your mum applied hers. (Post continues after gallery.)

But whether it actually helps you apply your mascara better or it’s just a totally involuntary action, there’s no denying the results are hilarious.

What’s your mascara face?