This 3-year-old boy's epic powers of persuasion are something to behold.

As a rule, kids come up with some pretty, ahem, creative approaches to persuasion once they set their tiny hearts on something. But we reckon this little boy takes the proverbial cake.

After being denied a cupcake for dinner by his mum – in what he clearly feels is a cruel injustice – the three-year-old’s gone straight to grandpa to ask for the goods.

And when he’s called out on his sneaky ploy by his mum Linda, the indignant arguments he presents are equal parts hilarious and incredible. Watch him state his case here:

If you can’t get away to watch right now, the highlights include:

At 00:01: “Listen to me, listen to me. Like, I do this ALL THE TIME.”

00:16: “Linda listen, listen listen Linda. You’re not listening to me.”

1:42: But Linda, honey. Honey, look at this. Right now we can’t do anything, we can’t get ANYTHING out of the drawer.”

2:14: “I’m done arguing with you.”

2:31: “Linda, I’m DONE arguing with you.”

We’re impressed with Linda’s Supernanny-like resolve, but the kid’s calmly exasperated powers of persuasion cannot be beaten. We think someone needs to bring this kid to the Crimea peace talks, because he seriously negotiates like a boss.

A tiny, tiny boss.

Do your kids have incredible powers of persuasion? What tactics usually win you over?

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