"What do you mean there are NO ELSA DOLLS?!"

Shopping rage and kids’ toys just shouldn’t go together, right? Well, when it comes to Frozen, parents are  losing their minds…

Parents are losing their minds over Frozen toys because we can’t bloody find them anywhere! Okay, so I should probably stop and confess here that I am one of those deranged parents desperately hunting for anything from the Frozen range to give to my daughter.

I couldn’t find a Frozen Easter egg for her, I can’t find any Frozen toys, books, anything. They have all sold out. Why? It’s not fair!


I’m not the only parent losing their minds over this hunt for the most popular brands of toys. Check out these posts on the Disney Facebook page:

And this:

And it just gets worse:

Loo, I know these mails seem a little over the top, but I feel their pain. All we want is to make our children happy. It's absolutely infuriating! As I hunt for their favourite brands I imagine how their faces will light up when they see them, how they will play with them endlessly for weeks and how great I'll feel for being the one who caused them to experience such happiness.

I've decided to blame manufacturers. Do they think it's HILARIOUS to create insatiable demand in certain ranges of toys and then watch us all fight like animals over them. Don't they realise the stress we begin to associate with the entire exercise? Don't they understand that it makes us reluctant to encourage our kids to follow the next trend?

In the US, Disney has taken the extreme measure of limiting the number of toys parents buy online in the Frozen range. Two each. That's because scalpers are buying as many as possible then re-selling them at inflated prices on eBay, for up to $8000. I'd like to say that I wouldn't buy them for that price but if I had the money...

Frozen toys selling fast - and parents are losing their minds

So is the problem supply and demand and the workings of a capitalist market? Or is the problem more extreme than that?

Instead of feeling frustrated with the lack of availability of these toys, should we be looking at ourselves? Should we be sitting our kids down and explaining to them that their favourite toys have sold out and they'll just have to wait. Because feelings of deprivation aren't necessarily a bad thing for kids to experience. Then they learn about want and desire, about patience and understand. Then, if and when we get our hands on a Frozen toy or something from The Amazing Spiderman range they'll appreciate it even more.

Look, I don't know anymore. I know it's incredibly frustrating.

My children aren't spoiled. I don't buy them every single thing they want. I try and save our money to buy the things they really want but when those particular things aren't available, it's maddening.

Do you think that parents shouldn't try to hunt down the toys their kids really want, even if they are hard to find? Or, should we just give up and teach our children a difficult lesson about life.

Read through these increasingly desperate messages from parents DESPERATE for Frozen merchandise: