FROCKWATCH: model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn and lookalike friend who probably isn't a model but has borrowed her bleach.


Glad to know Frockwatch is already popular….because I’m having a blast finding pictures to amuse you and struggling to limit them to one per day.

Regular mamamia commenter Dataceptionist raised an interesting point about Frockwatch in her comment here. She was disappointed that I was just posting pictures without giving my own opinion so I thought I should respond.
The idea of Frockwatch was purely to be pervy. I adore looking at pictures of celebrities to see what they’re wearing. It’s not an intellectual or noble pursuit but by golly it’s fun.

What I love about the mamamia community of commenters is that you are
all so smart, funny and on the whole, respectful. I LOATHE nasty
misogynistic and bitchy websites whose sole purpose seems to slag
people off. It’s easy and it’s cheap but it doesn’t really make the
world a better place, does it? Unlike here on this website where we’re curing
cancer and stopping global warming.

But we try. And I always aim
for positivity and balance.

So I suppose I thought I’d resist
passing comment on the celebrities and their outfits because I don’t
want it to turn into a nasty slag fest. Fashion is incredibly subjective and
Lord knows if anyone photographed me in public, there would be plenty
of laughs to be had…..but I take Datareceptionist’s
point and I will start adding a few words to
my future Frockwatch posts to kick off your comments…..

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