Hurrah! A celebrity mum who admits she has a lot of help.

Busy Philipps finally says what we have all been thinking.

Busy Phillipps, 34, is a mum to 2 daughters. Five year old Birdie and 10 month old Cricket.

And just like the rest of us, she juggles motherhood and her career (she currently stars in Cougar Town).

And just like the rest of us, she’s not sure about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s famous proclamation that actress mothers had it tougher than us civilians with “ordinary jobs”.

Philipps told Huffington Post that she has nothing to complain about when it comes to parenting and being an actress.

Busy with Cricket

"God bless her [Paltrow], she really just says what she feels. That's her reality. That's her truth. It's just not mine. I have a different reality and a different truth. I don't ever feel like I have to stop myself from complaining about how hard it is to be an actress. I mean, it's not that hard."

Yeah, we will just let you take that last line in for a minute. It is pretty rare words coming from a celebrity.

Philipps says that her acting career works well with being a parent.

"As a parent, I have it made. I'm on a TV show where my hiatus is [my kids'] summer, so I'm free to be with them in the summer time. I'm able to afford full-time help because of what I do. My husband also works, and my nanny makes my life doable and so easy."

Another bonus, a celeb mum who admits to having a nanny.

You may also remember Philipps from her days on Dawson's Creek and she's been married to Marc Silverstein, the screenwriter of He's Just Not That Into You for seven years.

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