Best and Worst: How has your week been?

So. How’s your week been?

Welcome to Best and Worst.

Best and Worst is the place where the Mamamia community comes together to discuss the highs and lows of our respective weeks.

So, let’s just say that your week consisted of starting a running program and being shat on by a bird. One person’s response to their week might be:

Best: I started a new running program. I like exercise.

Worst: A bird shat on my head. Gross.

But, another person’s response might be:

Best: A bird shat on my head. I now feel super lucky.

Worst: I started a new running program. Ugh. I hate running so much. Does anyone have any tips?

Everyone got it? Good, I’ll start:

Best: I went to the top level jazz ballet class and nobody died!

Disclaimer: this story requires a lot of exposition.

Mary Ward

I’ve been taking dance lessons at the same suburban studio since I was eight years old. This is an excellent arrangement for locally located physical fitness/the acquisition of contortion-esque party tricks. However, being the sort of suburban dance studio that accepts eight-year-olds, it closes during school holidays.

This presents a problem for me, because my body not close over the school holidays. In fact, the big hole on the face part of my body is frequently opened during the summer break. Often for Christmas ham and ice cream. So, I decided that I would counter this by buying a class package for an adult dance studio.

At the start of this week, I had taken three classes (in my defence, they closed over Christmas, and then I was interstate, so I was making an effort to attend when I could) all of them at the beginners level, which was – without sounding like some sort of Baryshnikov, because I most definitely am not – a little bit slow and boring.

But, the beginners class was a safe place. My main reason for being there was basically that I was petrified of going to the top class, which I imagined would be filled with sextuple pirouettes and professional dancers on their days off.

Despite my fears, on Wednesday night I decided I was going to be brave and go.

So I did. Giving the girls in the office full warning that they might never see me again.

And… it was fine. Everyone was nice. The choreography was challenging, but achievable. And I had an all-round excellent time.

Worst: What is with the weather in Sydney? Like, actually, what? I left the house on Monday in the beautiful sunshine and ended up wading back home in a typhoon with mud seeping all the way through my $5, possibly made of paper, Rubi sandals (semi-rural area, we don’t really ‘do’ footpaths).

Has the weather this week been crazy where you are?

Now it’s your turn, what’s your best and worst for the week?

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