Free Speech: what’s on your mind?

free speech
Emma Booth
free speech
Firas Dirani

Free Speech: Oh Underbelly how I love you. I’m not sure what the best part is: picking out all the Aussie actors (look! it’s Dougie The Pizza Boy! With a moustache! And is that Nudge from Hey Dad?) or getting caught up in the rollicking yarn.

Actually, I do know what I’m enjoying the most: Emma Booth and Firas Dirani. I could honestly sit in front of my TV for hours just watching them walk up and down a street reciting the alphabet. I can’t remember the last time I even watched TV, let alone was involved in a drama.

The screen presence of these two particular actors is incredible. I’m just hoping their storylines come together at some happy point. Is it inappropriate that I really want them to have sex?

Over to you….anything you care to share?