16 foods you probably can't pronounce (and how to say them).

Do you hesitate before ordering some foods for fear you’ll say them incorrectly and look like a unsophisticated idiot? Or worse, attempt them and come across like an overcompensating wanker?

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I recently discovered a clanger of my own – the popular Vietnamese dish ‘pho’, which I ordered on holiday. Once the local Vietnamese had stopped laughing, they told me that it was pronounced ‘fuh’, not my way – ‘fo’.

We’re going to save you a world of embarrassment. Here’s an easy-to-use guide of the most commonly mispronounced menu items around the world.

1. Pho.

2. Moet.

3. Sake.

4. Zabaglione.

5.  Pistachio.

6. Gianduja.

7. Fois Gras.

8. Prosciutto.

10. Acai.

11. Quinoa.

12. Paella.

13. Pinot Gris.

14. Jalapeño.

15. Bruschetta.

16. Quesadillas.

Which means I, for one, have been ordering Moet wrong my entire life. (Who am I kidding? I've never ordered Moet but I have been thinking it wrong all this time).

How about you? Did you learn anything new or was it already common knowledge? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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