Fluff: Which celebrity baby now has a BEARD? How did this happen?

Connor Cruise is 18. EIGHTEEN.

1. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s son Connor just turned 18.
Ready to feel old? If Connor Cruise were to move to Australia, he could now legally drink. And vote.

How did this happen? We swear he was about 8 years old last time we checked, and now he has a beard. What next – Suri Cruise’s prom photos? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s university graduation? Slow down, world.

We’re still stuck back here:

Connor turned 18 on Wednesday and celebrated his new adult status with a DJing gig in London, accompanied by big sister Isabella, 20. Yes. ISABELLA CRUISE IS 20. AND ENGAGED TO HER BOYFRIEND.

Connor and his group of friends reportedly drank vodka and shots before he took to the turntables (even though the legal drinking age in the US is 21).

2. Kristen Bell’s birth plans are really funny and surprisingly relateable. Watch her talk about them with Ellen DeGeneres here .

3. A baby Bublé is on the way.

Canadian singer Michael Bublé, 37, and his wife, Argentine actress and former singer Luisana Lopilato, 25, are expecting their first child.

The couple shared the news in a cute video message. The clip announces “Mike, Lu… and mini Bublé!” while an ultrasound image is displayed, all to the appropriately-chosen tune of ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’. Take a look here:

Hopefully, baby Bublé will inherit his or her parents’ vocal skills. This may be getting ahead of ourselves, but is it too early to imagine a whole troop of all-singing Bublé children, von Trapp family style?

4. How young is too young for a pair of personalised Nike’s? Before you answer, check out the first photo of Shakira’s baby Milan.

5. Simon Baker has quizzed Ellen Degeneres on her Australian general knowledge.

The actor, 43, was enlisted to ensure Ellen was ‘koala-fied’ – those are his words, not ours – to make her first trip Down Under in March.


This involved teaching Ellen how to do a kookaburra impression – sure to come in handy – followed by a Millionaire-style multiple-choice quiz, complete with dramatic lighting and suspenseful music. Baker’s line of questioning covered topics including Sydney landmarks, band Men at Work, and our national flower.

Most importantly, Simon asked: “Australia is 7,000 miles from Burbank. If your plane leaves on a Thursday, traveling 500 miles an hour, what do you put in a toaster?” Essential knowledge right there. Perhaps the Immigration Department should consider adding it to their pamphlets.

You can watch the video here:

6. Justin Timberlake has just released the video for his new single “Suit & Tie”. The highly stylised video shows Timberlake dressed in a tuxedo, driving around in classic cars and SMOKING?  Watch the clip here

Charlotte Dawson

7.  Charlotte Dawson has signed on as an anti-bullying ambassador for the NRL.

It’s an issue the Australia’s Next Top Model judge, 46, feels passionately about, having battled an onslaught of cyber-bullying via Twitter last year that caused her to be admitted to hospital.

As part of the game-wide ‘Tackle Bullying’ campaign, Charlotte, in conjuction with prominant NRL stars, will share the anti-bullying message with thousands of students across Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga next month. During school visits students will be encouraged to anonymously write positive comments about their classmates to be left in a ”drop-a-note box”.

“I believe the most important lesson in dealing with bullying is to speak out against it and that is exactly what the NRL is encouraging students to do,” Charlotte says.

8. Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and more A-Listers at the Sundance Film Festival. Click to see.

9. Check out the way that these parents have celebrated the birth of their children. It’s pretty radical. Would you go there?