FLUFF: Jessica Simpson welcomes her second child.





1. Jessica Simpson welcomes her second child.

No, she didn’t name her baby Ketut. But close.

Jessica Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, have welcomed their second child, a boy called…

Ace Knute (pronounced Ka-nute) Johnson, a rep for Simpson confirms. The baby was born on Sunday in Los Angeles via scheduled C-section, reports Us Weekly.

Baby Ace joins big sister Maxwell, who is nearly 14 months.


2. Alec Baldwin reckons ranting “you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna f––…you…up” at a journalist wasn’t homophobic. Read his bizarre “apology statement” here.

3.  Kim Kardashian’s first photo since North’s birth.

Although we don’t know what baby North looks like, we do know how Kim is looking: tired.

Sister Khloé posted a picture on Saturday of Kim curled up on the couch with Khloé’s boxer dog, Bernard getting some much needed shut eye.

Kim Kardashian napping with boxer dog Bernard.

Presumably North is napping a little to the left (or should that be west?) of the Facebook shot…

Okay, so we may still be waiting to see what the Kardashian-West family’s newly arrived bub North West (never going to get tired of typing that) actually looks like, but grandmother Kris Jenner has come forward to answer the age-old question (okay, a-little-over-a-week-old question): does North look more like Kim or Kanye?

57-year-old Jenner told People that she’s “kind of a combo”. Which makes sense given that North, you know, shares her parents genetic material.

Jenner went on to say that, “She’s great! She’s beautiful, and amazing, happy and healthy.”


4. Guess who Cher reckons is one of her top 5 lovers of all time? Click here for the answer and prepare to say WTF? (How much do you reckon he paid her to say it?)

5. Nigella Lawson breaks her silence on Twitter.

Nigella Lawson has made her first public appearance – on social media, that is – since her husband Charles Saatchi reportedly assaulted her at a London restaurant in full view of the public and cafe staff.

Her last Instagram post was on June 15, the day before the photos of her alleged assault surfaced in British tabloid The Sun – but Nigella tweeted again on Saturday, sharing a picture of a birthday cake with the words “Happy Birthday Bruno” and bottle-shaped candles burning brightly.

Bruno is Nigella’s son from her first marriage to John Diamond, a journalist who passed away in 2001. Bruno is reportedly celebrating his 17th birthday.

6. Is Glee taking its lead from Game of Thrones? You won’t believe how many original cast members have been axed for season 5. Ouch! Read who got the chop here.

7. Hugh Jackman says: I’m not gay.

Hugh Jackman, 44, has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness, 57, for 17 years. Despite this – and the fact that they seem blissfully happy together – rumours that Jackman is gay have been rife since he starred as Peter Allen in Broadway hit The Boy from Oz a decade ago.

In an interview on 60 Minutes last night, the couple discussed the rumours, and Deborra-Lee had a very clear message: “Oh, please.”

Asked whether the rumours ever upset him, Jackman responded, “If I was, I would be. I don’t think – it’s to me not the most interesting thing about a person anyway, but ah – I do get frustrated for Deb, ‘cause I see Deb go ‘Ah, this is crazy’.”

Furness agreed, saying, “It is just wrong, it’s like, it’s a lie. It’s just – the bottom line, so it’s just offensive. If he was gay, fine, he would say he’s gay. It has gotten so out of whack that they – it’s stupid, yeah, it’s annoying, because it’s not true.”


The rumours ostensibly started after Jackman played a gay man on Broadway – which seems to make Furness think that the people who ask whether Jackman is gay, might have a hard time distinguishing between fact and fiction. Furness asked in exasperation, “And if you [Jackman] play a psychopath, does that mean he’s a psychopath?”

Jackman tries to look at the endless discussion about his private life with a silver lining – proving his ‘nicest guy in Hollywood’ reputation correct.

“I think on some level,” Jackman said, “It’s a compliment, you know, because it only happens when you’ve got to a certain point in your career.”

8. Channing Tatum has revealed he got so emotional during the delivery of his baby that he had to leave the room to sob in the bathroom. Read his awwwww-inspiring comments about childbirth here.


9. Elle Macpherson poses naked, describes the process as ‘magical’.

Bryan Adams for Harper’s Bazaar

Elle Macpherson, who turns 50 in March, has posed in her birthday suit bar a pair of black tights for the July edition of Australian Harper’s Bazaar.

The cover, shot by Bryan Adams (yes, as in Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams) was the brainchild of editor, Kellie Hush.

And Elle describes it as… well magical.

“It’s magic, a sort of beautiful magic. It’s about the team, about trust. I trust the process. Movement is important. Things are dynamic, life is not static. I think people want to see personality. If someone’s essence is pensive, then that’s what you get,” Macpherson told Bazaar.

Um, pensive essence say what?

Macpherson explains: “It’s a gift, a god-given gift, something about having a dynamic core. It’s positive, but it can be destructive if you’re not careful.”

Oh, okay then.