Fluff: This 4y/o celebrity probably earns more than you.

1. Here’s a sobering thought for your Wednesday: 4-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is probably earning more than you.

The youngest daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt earned $3000 US a week for her role in upcoming film Maleficent, according to a court filing of her contract. Did we mention she’s four years old?

Vivienne also received a per diem of $60 each day, which raises the question: How would the average 4-year-old spend an allowance of this size? An endless supply of Starbucks hot chocolates? A new Barbie delivered to her trailer every morning?

Vivienne appears in the live-action fairytale, set for release in March 2014, as the younger version of Aurora i.e. Sleeping Beauty. Her mum Angelina stars as the the evil sorceress.

2. Daniel Radcliffe looks sooo sexy in this shoot he’s done for a gay mag. Check it out here.

3. May we introduce you to musician Buffalo Tales. You won’t recognise his name but his face might be familiar.

Buffalo Tales: the artist formerly known as Wes Carr.

That’s because Buffalo Tales is actually Wes Carr, 30, the Australian Idol winner from five years ago.

No, Wes isn’t in witness protection – he changed his name because he believes the reality talent show “tainted” his true identity.

“People have a perception of Wes Carr. That’s not me. Ironically, I had to change my own name to release my own music,” he says.

Wes’ reincarnation as independent singer-songwriter Buffalo Tales is his attempt to shake off the “stupid, trivial and bull—-” Australian Idol shackles. “I was the puppet on the string, then all of a sudden, they cut the strings when the next puppet comes along,” he says, with not a trace of bitterness.


Speaking of reality TV alumni, take a look at this gallery and see which once-familiar faces you remember.

4. Rihanna has released the video for her new song, Stay. She’s in the bath – naturally. Click here to watch.

 5. The past few weeks have been a fashion lover’s dream.

For the sartorially inclined (we know you’re out there), here’s a collection of our favourite awards ceremony gowns.

Do you have a favourite? Whose wardrobe would you raid, given the chance?

6. The celebrity baby that started talking at 4 months old.

7. The woman who has a ‘unique’ use for jars.

Jars are very useful things, holding all manner of essential items – flowers, spare change, mixed nuts, labia…

Oh, were you enjoying that morning coffee? Sorry.

One star of a new US reality show about the wives of plastic surgeons admits she had her vagina “done” and keeps her labia cut-offs in a jar. Suspended in pickling juice. As you do.

“This is my labia,” says the woman, holding the jar up to the camera in an episode of Plastic Wives. “I think she looks better in the jar than hanging down there.”

Hopefully she doesn’t store them among her other pickled condiments. That could get awkward very quickly.

8. The woman who bought her 5 month old baby an iPad (WTF) explains why. Click here to read.

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