FLUFF: The first pictures of North West.

It’s finally here.

The first public  picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North West, has been revealed on grandmother Kris Jenner’s TV show Kris, by father Kanye West, and later tweeted by the whole Kardashian Klan.

Take a look:

Not to be outdone by Grandpa Middleton (whose informal family snap of Prince George was released earlier this week), Jenner tweeted the picture with the caption: ‘NORTH.’

The tweet comes after repeated hints by Jenner that she would be releasing the first ever pictures of one of the world’s most famous nappy-wearers on her new talk show, Kris.

Kanye West, North’s dad, appeared on her show in pre-filmed segments throughout the week talking about his celebrity, fatherhood, and North’s potential reveal on Kris. He said:

It’s all this talk about baby pictures and can you get paid for the baby picture or do you want to put it on a magazine.”

And for me and your daughter we have not attempted to get paid for anything, we have not attempted to put it on a magazine. You just stop all of the noise and I thought it would be really cool on her grandmother’s season finale to bring a picture of North.

And surprise, as the full episode went to air on Friday, it was revealed that Kanye would be bringing in a photo to share with the audience. We can only imagine how the ratings went.

On another note: she’s got Kim’s eyes, doesn’t she?

So, what do you think of North West?