Fluff: Guess who's pregnant!

1. Now here’s some beautiful news you probably weren’t expecting to hear: Fifi Box – co-host of the Fifi & Jules show across the Today Network – is pregnant. And made the announcement live on air this afternoon.

She said:

“I’ll be honest… I’ve been feeling a bit bad lately. You know how I’ve referred a couple of times to the fact that I’ll be putting on weight this summer? I thought to myself – maybe that’s a bad message to put out. I’m not trying to be irresponsible, so I should put it in context.

When I said I was going to get fat for summer – I do mean I want to get really big. Like so big that you’d almost be forgiven for thinking I have another human being inside me. In fact… I do have another human being inside me. I’M HAVING A BABY!”

When speaking about her first trimester, she said: “I’ve watched friends have babies, nobody ever goes into how much detail about how much morning sickness sucks. It’s awful. And I’m waiting for this glow to kick in – when does that happen?”

“It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. Look out, there’s another Box coming into the world!”

“The moment I saw this little baby on the ultrasound I burst into tears. it’s the most overwhelming love that I knew was out there but never experienced.”

Hear the full segment below:

Fifi also wrote about the pregnancy on fifiandjules.com:

Fifi Box

Yes the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me is incubating in my stomach right now and I’ve never been so excited in my life.

I have been blessed throughout my life and loved every twist and turn in my journey, but despite the happiness I have experienced with career and friendships, there has always been something missing.

For those who don’t know I began seeing someone at the end of last year who would like to remain out of the public eye which I will respect and endeavour to protect.

The focus for me is to make sure I bring a happy, healthy baby into the world who knows how much it is loved.

2.”You love who you love.” They’re the words from former Biggest Loser host AJ Rochester who has just revealed she’s bisexual.

She’s told Women’s Day magazine, who are running some incredibly staged pictures of AJ with a woman at the beach: “I’m proud of being part of the gay community – by definition I would consider myself ‘bi’ as, of course, I am attracted to men also… I have been with men and women, and you love who you love. I’ve never said I’m straight.”

We wish AJ and whoever she loves, all the best.

3. If a toddler could tweet this tweet this is what they would say.


4.FROCKWATCH: Would you wear it? Christina Ricci…. Is that you?

5. The man ‘pleasuring himself’ in the new Marc Jacobs ad.

Some people are calling the ad ‘smart and funny,’ while others prefer ‘new low in advertising.’

Take a look and tell us what you think.

6. Quite genius cakes of women giving birth that will make you think about your pelvic floor (is it wrong that these pictures made us feel hungry?): 

7. The new host of Australia’s Next Top Model is? Following in the high-heeled footsteps of Sarah Murdoch, Erika Heynatz and Jodhi Meares,  Jennifer Hawkins has been announced as the new host of ANTM.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, 28-year-old Hawkins said: “When people asked, I said I have no idea but in my mind I was saying, ‘Yes! I am the host’.”

Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr and even Liz Hurley were rumoured to be in the running for the hosting role, but Megan Gale said on Twitter this morning that she was “never in the running.”

The show will start on FOX8 mid 2013.

In other model news, Elle Macpherson’s relationship with 57-year-old millionaire Roger Jenkins has reportedly ended because of distance. And Lara Bingle has revealed she’s launching an underwear label – just like Elle MacPherson’s.

8. Wait, is this new Gaga clip a music video or a sex tape?

9. Good luck getting this song out of your head. It’s not everyday that an ad by an Australian state transit authority goes viral.

But that’s what’s happened with this catchy tune called ‘Dumb Ways To Die,’ made by Victoria’s Metro Trains. It’s been viewed more than 4.7 million times in four days.

The video aims to curb preventable train related deaths, but also gives hints like ‘don’t eat a tube of super glue’ and ‘don’t use your private parts as piranha bait.’ Handy.

10. And finally, how awesome would this Dawson’s Creek reunion be?