Fluff: The A-List love triangle Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to cover up.


Is Vanity Fair planning to expose an A-List love triangle involving Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson?

We bought you the news that Gwyneth Paltrow was asking her friends to boycott Vanity Fair magazine back in June and this could be the reason why.

Sources told The New York Post’s Vanity Fair might be looking into her “friendship” with billionaire Jeff Soffer (he is now married to Elle McPherson).

The source said, “Vanity Fair is asking if Gwyneth had an affair with Soffer back in 2008 when he reopened the Fontainebleau. He flew her in for the party, and she stayed at his house.” Paltrow has been married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin since 2003.

Paltrow has swiftly responded by releasing a statement after hearing what the article was about.

“It’s completely false,” a spokesperson for the 41-year-old said.

“Jeff is a long-time friend of Gwyneth’s and there was no romantic relationship with him at all.”

2. Lady Gaga’s revealing single cover and epic twitter rant.

Another day, another celeb tweets a photo of themselves in a g-string. This time it’s Lady Gaga on the cover of her new single:

Because ART right?

In other Gaga-related news the singer has gone on an epic twitter rant responding to haters using the name of her new single as the hashtag #dowhatyouwant.

3. Five things we learned from Lara Bingle’s Sunday Style interview.

If you didn’t notice Lara Bingle’s bikini-clad body on the front of the Sunday Telegraph’s Style insert, the 25 year old gave a revealing interview about her relationships, diet, ex-fiance Michael Clarke, and dating app Tinder.

1. She consults her manager before eating:

“For lunch, Bingle, in consultation with Moskos, orders grilled barramundi with steamed broccoli and a green tea. She’s losing weight – 400g a day, to be precise – and, at 1.68m tall, is down to 55kg at the time of our interview (she says she peaked at 63kg last year, around the time unflattering paparazzi shots of her in a bikini ran on the cover of a magazine with the cover line ‘Fat or Fab?’).”

2. On leaving Michael Clarke:

“I felt like I was living his dream. And there are girls that are happy to do that, and hats off to them, but I require more for myself. I need to be stimulated more than that, you know? And the best thing I ever did was leave. You know what I mean? So, I got to experience all these opportunities. Otherwise, I kid you not, I would have three children by now!”

3. On being engaged at age 19:

“It’s like I never saw myself walking up an aisle. I was 19 when I got engaged. I’m just glad I’ve been honest with myself and true to myself throughout this whole experience. Um, otherwise, you know, I wouldn’t be… happy?”

4. On her relationship with Clarke now:

“We’re still friends. Michael says to me to this day, ‘You turned the ship around so much’. Because even when we broke up, at times it was like, ‘How am I ever going to recover from this? Do I just go that way or do I go this way?’.”


5. On dating-app Tinder:

“Tinder? says Bingle. “Oh, I got off it last night. What’s the point? It’s not really my thing; it’s just weird. I’ve never really dated. I just meet people through people. Every boyfriend, I never regret. I’m friends with all of them. Every single one.

4. Rebel Wilson’s nude cover for Glamour magazine.

Rebel Wilson has posed naked save for diamonds and bubbles on the cover of UK magazine Glamour.

“One of the reasons my agents signed me is because I’m not like any other girl here,” the Sydney born comedian told  In Touch magazine. “I think most girls who are encouraged to come to LA and become actresses are usually the prettiest girls in their hometowns of Iowa or wherever. So not looking like anyone else has made things easier for me, because I’m distinctive.”

“There are so many glamorous actresses – but in the real world, nobody looks like that. I want to inspire girls who don’t think they’re cool or pretty,” she said. “To do that, I need to put out a realistic version of what it’s like to be a girl who looks like me. Sometimes that means getting broken up with by a dude who says, ‘You’re too fat.’ That way, when my character wins, it’s gratifying.”

5. Beyonce has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. Cue celebration.

Queen Bey has arrived in New Zealand for her Mrs Carter Show world tour, and boy, is she embracing NZ’s adventurous vibe despite her busy schedule.

Over the weekend the ‘Love on Top’ singer decided to try her hand at free-falling from a 1076 foot tall building in Auckland, which is much like bungee jumping, except from a building. And she liked it so much she did it twice.

6. Rihanna does Abu Dhabi.

We present these without comment.

7. What Melissa Doyle is up to now.

Much loved TV journalist Melissa Doyle is having a change of scenery, stepping away from the camera and heading to radio. The former Sunrise host has signed with Sydney station smoothfm, where she will be hosting her own show every Saturday and Sunday for four hours. Melissa joins the likes of James Blunt, Richard Wilkins and David Campbell as hosts.

8. The most bewildering photoshop fail ever?

When fashion images are digitally altered it’s to make skin smoother or legs longer, knuckles don’t usually feature that much. Unless you work at The Gap…

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