Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about how she is considered "obese" in Hollywood.

1. Channel TEN has announced that they will be axing their morning show ‘Breakfast’ as well as the Ten Morning News, at the end of the month. In a statement, they said:

“It is proposed that Breakfast and Ten Morning News will cease production on November 30. Breakfast television still represents an opportunity for Ten and we will return to the breakfast TV market at some point next year.”

This from Mumbrella:

The TEN Breakfast team

Breakfast launched in February this year. But it failed to dent the ratings of market leader Sunrise on Seven or its close rival Today on Nine. While Sunrise and Seven generally rate an average of above 300,000 viewers, Breakfast never even came close to 100,000.

The decision is a reversal of Ten’s position during last month’s 2013 preview when it said that it remained committed to Breakfast.

Many staff at the network have been given November 30 as their last day. A spokesperson has also confirmed that hosts Paul Henry and Kathryn Robinson will leave Ten altogether. Magdalena Roze remains with Ten.

And this, also via Mumbrella: some of the comedy moments from the show…

There was the time they turned the lights out on Paul Henry:

Henry’s less than admirable hardline solutions for asylum seekers:


2. Last week brought the news that 14-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter (who plays Alex Dunphy in the comedy series) was removed from her mother’s home overnight amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse.

According to US media, Ariel’s mother, Crystal Workman, has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ariel at all times. Ariel has been placed under the temporary guardianship of her older sister Shanelle, who is now seeking permanent guardianship over her sibling.

But just like a good hair mousse, the plot thickens. Now Ariel’s mother has spoken to E! Online, firing back at the allegations.

She has claimed that her daughter only filed the court documents after being caught in bed with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Disney star Cameron Palatas (scandalous). Ariel’s mother has also denied the allegations of abuse, saying:  “I love my daughter very much. I would never abuse her in any way.”

Ariel’s also-famous brother, Jimmy Workman, has joined his mother to deny the accusations. Workman told Entertainment Tonight:  “Their allegations are not true. This is stemming over a boy that is overage, dating my little sister, and my family had no idea about until the end part of it.”

So why is Ariel staying with her sister? Her mother Crystal thinks that Shanelle’s intentions have nothing to do with love and concern for Ariel’s wellbeing and everything to do with the pay rise that the cast Modern Family recently received, claiming Shanelle has only seen Ariel ‘maybe 20 times” before in her life.

3. Bieber, Bieber, Bieber. What are we going to do with you?  It probably wasn’t a great idea to spend a heap of time with a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model after the VS show last week when you know you’re being followed by the paparazzi. Because now your girlfriend has broken up with you.


Yes friends, it’s true – Justin Biever and Selena Gomez are no more. The split has come after reports that Bieber was flirting with VS model Barbara Palvin at Wednesday’s fashion show.  Here is a picture of Barbara:

Barbara Palvin in the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The next night, Bieber and Palvin caught a performance of Broadway’s The Lion King (interesting, surely The Phantom of the Opera would have been more romantic). In response, Gomez tweeted a picture of Bieber with Palvin in the background, accompanied by the simple caption “…….”

Passive aggressive tweeting for the win.

Bieber has refused to confirm the split but on Sunday he told an interviewer: “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what’s going on in my life. To even assess that it doesn’t make sense, cause I have not made any comment.”

Even Barbara Palvin, the Victoria’s Secret model at the centre of the ‘scandal’ has had to deny the rumours that she split the couple up, tweeting:  “last time im saying it. please calm down.there is nothing going on w him.i met him and did a pic w him. wouldnt u do the same?:) ”


Here’s a pic of Biebs and Barbara that the model tweeted at the VS fashion show last week (plus flick through the gallery for other Twitter pics from celebrities):

You can also go here to see other couples who have recently split. 


4. In a move that’s surprised nobody at all, Kate Moss has gone topless for Vanity Fair. Surely, not! Kate Moss? Topless? Who would have picked that.

Truth be told though, she does have fairly fabulous breasts.


5. Matthew McConaughey is looking dangerously thin these days after allegedly losing 14kgs for his role as an AIDS patient in upcoming movie “The Dallas Buyers Club”. Well, 14kg is what he said he was going to lose – clearly he’s gone a whole lot further, some estimate it to be twice that. In a recent interview with Larry King, McConaughey spoke of his dramatic weight loss, saying: “For me, it’s more of a mental thing than a physical thing. I’ll get down to the weight I need to get to. I’m on the way, and it’s what I need to do for the job. It’s a bit of a spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse. (I’m) drinking a lot of tea.”

Matthew McConaughey – now (left) and in more muscular times (left).

Go here to see ivillage.com.au’s gob-smacking gallery of celebrities who have transformed themselves for their movie roles.


6. And speaking of weight – Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about how she is considered “obese” in Hollywood. Yes, that’s right – she said OBESE. But there’s also a reason why she’s chosen to be considered a “fat actress” in Hollywood:

“I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner’ … I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong — not thin and underfed. I’ll be the only actress who doesn’t have anorexia rumors.”

Here’s our gallery of the beautiful Jennifer WHO IS NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT.


7. And finally – Reese Witherspoon has stepped out with her new baby, Tennessee. You can see a pic of him here.