Fox pays tribute to Cory Monteith in a heartbreaking video.

1. Glee pays tribute to Cory Monteith. 

Fox has released a touching ‘memorial card video’ to pay tribute to Cory Monteith who tragically died last month from a drug overdose.

The video features close up montages of the Canadian-born actor’s time on Glee including one of him holding girlfriend Lea Michele. The clip of the 31-year-old is short 12 seconds and ends abruptly with a written message: “Cory Monteith: Forever in our hearts.”


2. The gloves are off! Sylvester Stallone has taken to Twitter to slam his Expendables co-star Bruce Willis. Click here to read Sly’s cutting comments.

3. Rihanna parties at a carnival in Barbados with a hip flask and rhinestones, shines bright like a diamond.

Presented without comment (and we are talking Rihanna here so be warned that some of these images are NSFW).

Hey, when in Barbados…

4. Usher’s 5-year-old son has been rushed to hospital following a near-death accident in his home swimming pool. Click here for the details.

5. Jessica Gomes turned down Robin Thicke. Turns out she ‘didn’t want it’.

Aussie model and Miranda Kerr’s replacement as David Jones fashion ambassador, Jessica Gomes has revealed she turned down a part in the controversial video clip for Robin Thicke’s hit song Blurred Lines.

Chatting to Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa Gomes said: “I actually read the treatment for it and it said: ‘Standing in a G-string, sucking Robin Thicke’s fingers.’ My agent was like, “I don’t think so”. But now it’s a great song and track.”

Well played Jessica, well played.

4. Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: I want you to win.

Lindsay Lohan has conducted her first post-rehab interview with daytime tv queen Oprah Winfrey.


In a teaser trailer for the interview, Winfrey asks the 27-year-old the tough questions like, “Are you an addict?” And “What’s it’s like to be both an adjective and a verb for child star?”

Lohan’s answers and reactions to each question can’t be seen but her head tilts and the impending doom of the background music make it sound like a cliffhanger for a daytime soap’s season finale.


The show airs in the US on August 18 and I guess…dumm dumm dumm… we’ll just have to wait to with baited breath to find out.

In the meantime Lohan has appeared on Chelsea Handler’s late night show giving some of her fellow celebs a ribbing.

“I’ve been through a lot lately and I have a lot of people to thank … most notably the celebrities who kept the tabloid industry alive in my absence, like (New York politician) Anthony Weiner … (and) Kanye West..”

“Kanye, I wanna thank you for acting like a baby and making a baby. On a side note, how come when Kanye acts like an idiot, he gets a gold record and when I act like an idiot I get a police record? I still haven’t figured that out,” Lohan said.

As an aside, have you seen the image of Oprah and her magnificent (fake) afro on the cover of O Magazine that’s been floating around the internet? Winfrey posted the fro-fabulous cover on Instagram repeating the coverline, “Let’s talk about HAIR,” because she’s clearly into BIG hair.


When her best friend Gayle saw the wig during the shoot, she quipped, “Can someone put on the soundtrack to The Lion King?”

5. Because: FASHION.

Scarlett Johannsen and Gabourey Sidibe are fashion’s newest darlings, starring in fashion spread “Singular Beauties, An homage to the diversity of women” by former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar will feature in all 29 editions of the magazine, across 45 countries, as well as online. And do you think Gabourey Sidibe was completely happy with her shot? If ever an image is the epitome of the phrase Because: FASHION it’s this one.

And anyone else annoyed about the Curves Ahead page with Candice Huffine? Why is her contribution solely defined by her measurements when every other caption has a personal sentiment?

You can see all of the images here.

6. Watch Naomi Watts in the full international trailer for Diana.

A new, full international trailer has dropped for the movie, Diana featuring Naomi Watts as the People’s Princess.

In this two-minute clip we see much more of the movie including her relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Khan and how Watts handled Diana’s British accent. Take a look: