Fluff: Engagement news for popular Aussie singer.

1. Singer and former Australian Idol contestant Ricki-Lee Coulter has announced her engagement to magazine New Idea. Coutler and her boyfriend, personal trainer Richard Harrison, have been dating for three years. During that same period, the singer has lost 30kg by following her soon-to-be-husband’s personal training program.

Coulter was previously married to childhood sweetheart Jamie Babbington but the pair split in 2008, after one year of marriage. Last year, Coulter said that the pain she experienced when going through her divorce was enough to put her off for good. Coulter said: “”I don’t know about marriage, I think there are a lot of issues with marriage in this country.”


2. This family’s reaction to watching Les Miserables is so funny, even Russell Crowe was amused…[watch it here]


3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (a.k.a. two of the funniest and most girl-crush-worthy women to grace the planet) are co-hosting the Golden Globes ceremony on January 13 and have released a new promo video explaining
why they both wanted the job.

Parks and Recreation actress Poehler said it was because “television and film get to be together… so the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the horrible, disgusting people of television.” 30 Rock actress and author of Bossy Pants, Fey said she thought it was the surest way to get herself a personal nomination for the film-award category of best picture.


You can watch the whole promo video below:

4. Open Condom Style and other misheard song lyrics. This is FUNNY… [Click here to listen]


5. If you’re one of the many people who is confused by Twitter and regularly throw your arms up in disgust, exclaiming ‘but what is the POINT?!?’ then we’ve finally got an answer for you. Here are some of the funniest tweets of 2012 – and they include some serious wit and humour in a pithy 140 characters or less.


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6. This birth photo is intense (if by “intense” you mean “heartwarming and beautiful”). Click here to view it.


7. The Mamamia team is full once more and all back at work today. So imagine our surprise when we discovered that we spent our summer holidays doing the EXACT same thing as the Victoria’s Secret team.

Have a look at their 2013 Summer promo video below. On our breaks we also spent similar amounts of time diving into pools without our bikini tops being dislodged, flipping our perfectly blow-dried, straight from the pool hair, lounging sexily on bedazzled sun lounges, dancing under showers and jumping for joy in sparkly gold bikinis.

Hope you had a great break too.


8. These messages will make any typo that you’ve ever made seem rather irrelevant (the post will also have you in fits of laughter – click here to read it)