FLUFF: Rachael Finch crashes her car, beauty remains intact.

Oh man. Rachael Finch crashed her car twice in two days.

The 25-year-old model/new mama was driving in this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix celebrity race on Saturday, surprising everyone with some pretty mad driving skillz.

That was until an unidentified driver hunted her down and crashed into her maliciously.

Or rather, clipped her lightly from behind causing an accident that seemed to escalate very quickly.

Finch said, “‘All of a sudden something clipped me from the back and the next thing I knew I was on my head spinning around in circles.”

The dramatic crash meant the end of the celebrity race for Finch and her competitors, as it was assumed most people were only there to see how Finch would go anyway.

Rachael Finch with her baby Violet.

Despite having completely written off the $40,000 Mazda 3 and still managing to walk away unscathed, Finch was sad.

“I’m just disappointed that I have to start from the back of the grid tomorrow”, she said.

The motive of the unidentified driver for running up the back of Finch is still unclear, but it is presumed they were jealous of Finch’s beauty and/or surprising skill at actually being able to drive.

Oh and we’ve been told the winner of the actual Grand Prix was some guy called Nico Rosberg. So that happened too this weekend we guess.

But back to the real interest of the Grand Prix which is of course, celebrities, the celebrity racers tried their hand at what can only be referred to as the ‘Oscars Selfie’.

Here’s a photo The Bachelor, Tim Robards, posted of all the famous and semi-famous people who got behind the wheel over the weekend.

Go ahead, tell us below how many people you actually recognise there…

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