Fluff: Nikki Webster gets married.

Nikki Webster, back in the day.

1. Remember Nikki Webster? The little blonde girl who starred in Sydney’s Opening Ceremony for the 2000 Olympics (and went on to sing many, classic hits such as “Strawberry Kisses”)? Well, the child star is now 25 and married. How old does THAT make you feel?

Now dance teacher Nikki, married 32-year-old Matthew McMah in Sydney last weekend. According to Woman’s Day, Nikki wore a princess-inspired Arushie gown that she designed herself. She was supposed to arrive at the church in a horse and carriage, but a technical road glitch meant that she had to settle for a bronze-coloured Rolls Royce. Damn.

Flick through our gallery to see the dress and catch up on other recent celebrity weddings:


2.  You never thought Heidi Klum ate this… did you?

3. To celebrate the launch of her album Unapologetic, Rihanna decided to take journalists and fans on a seven-day, seven-country tour on a (fairly pimped out) Boeing 777. But it seems that passengers on the VIP plane staged a bit of a coup, after being abandoned by the pop star after the first day.

Yep – Rihanna locked herself in the panic room of the plane and refused to come out, leaving hundreds of music journalists alone with a lot of free alcohol. Rookie error.


Apparently the crowd completely lost it, chanting “Rihanna! Save our jobs!”, “Just one quote!”, and “Occupy 747!” while Australian DJ Tim Dormer (who works for Nova in Brisbane) stripped naked and streaked through the cabin. (We’re always well represented on the world stage, don’t you think?)

Here’s the video one journalist took of the debacle (nudity warning, obviously):


4. Which (incredibly flexible) celebrity can do the splits upside down?

5. FROCKWATCH: Would you wear it? Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum and Carly Rae Jepsen were just some of the celebrities who got their super-sequin on at the American Music Awards yesterday…


6. Caution: This video will make you want to travel. It will also make you want to dance.


7. HOW TO UN-SEXY JAMES BOND: If you think Daniel Craig is a ridiculously good looking man, do not click through this gallery. Because the last picture will ruin EVERYTHING. Seriously – it cannot be unseen. Ever.

Thank you Hurricane Vanessa for that last image (and for killing all our 007 fantasies.)


8. Gob-smacking celebrity transformations: you’ll hardly recognise who this is.


9. Here’s a fun fact for you – every year, Oxford Dictionaries crown one word “Word of the year”. But debate has been raging over the latest word which apparently isn’t a word at all. The chosen word? “GIF”. That’s right – the image file format that’s right up there with JPEGs and PNGs.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and apparently it’s just gone from being a noun to a verb – hence the “word of the year” title. And the humble GIF has brought us many, many amusing animated memes. Thanks GIF.

This is just one example of an awesome GIF.