Fluff: Inside Kanye's proposal to Kim Kardashian.

You MIGHT have heard that Kim and Kanye are engaged and since the Internet went into meltdown with the news yesterday afternoon more details have emerged of the proposal.

We know, we know, you can’t wait to hear this.

After asking Kris Jenner for the go-ahead to ask Kim, Kanye got down on one knee and proposed with a flawless 15-carat diamond ring by celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.

Accompanying this was the huge screen, which flashed the sign, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!”

According to E News, a 50-piece orchestra played Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” followed by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye’s “Knock You Down.”

Cue fireworks.

The stadium was completely empty except for the Kardashian family, whose presence came as a complete surprise to Kim when they poured out of one of the dugouts after she said yes.

Having your family at your proposal? Kreepy?

The sign:

The ring:

2. Change.org petition demands that big brands stop hiring Terry Richardson.

Terry Richardson is one of the most influential, and creepiest, fashion photographers in the game and now a Change.org petition is calling for the industry’s tastemakers to stop using him.

Richardson is an alleged sex offender, yet he continues to work unhindered and topped the list of highest paid photographers in 2013 with an estimated $58 million in combined earnings.

Jewellery designer Alice Louise started the petition called, “Big brands: Stop using alleged sex offender Terry Richardson as your photographer.” It has garnered over 8,000 signatures- the aim is for 50,000.

From the Change.org petition:

More awareness needs to be brought to light that Terry Richardson is negatively influencing media with his supposed exploit & abuse of certain models, mainstream degrading pornographic imagery, and inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. His contribution to society has a bad impact…. By continuing to employ him for editorial fashion shoots, or to run advertising campaigns shot by him is to CONDONE his behavior…. Action needs to be TAKEN NOW. Surely big companies don’t want to associate themselves with the accused? In many of his images, Richardson has an amateur style of photography including girls made to look underage, hurt and exploited. We need to raise awareness and encourage these models to come forward. If these allegations are proven be to true, justice needs to be brought about.

You can sign it here.

3. Russell Brand had gay sex for tv.

Russell Brand has admitted to having sex with a man in a bar toilet for a television show.

The 38-year-old comedian says he performed the act for a documentary, RE:Brand, exploring social taboos when he was addicted to heroin.

“I wanked off a man in a toilet. I thought, ‘I think of myself as heterosexual but perhaps that’s ‘cause of the environment that I grew up in where homosexuality may have been difficult for me to express,” Brand told fellow comic Richard Herring during a podcast interview..

“I trawled around Soho going to various gay bars, gay gyms trying to pick people up with a film crew.

“I went in this pub and I goes: ‘Anyone want me to wank them off?’ And this bloke goes, ‘Yep’. Like as if I was saying: ‘Does anyone want a packet of crisps from the bar.’”

He said: “So we goes to the lavvy – me, him, the director – and he gets his willy out. And it was not nice. The phallus is… I like mine and you see some others in paintings that look all right but his looked like a rag.


“And we’re in the toilet with the director standing there filming me and he goes, ‘I think it would be easier if I was able to touch yours’. I thought ‘Fucking hell mate, do us a favour!’ And the director goes: ‘Go on Russell it would be funny.’

“So I take down my trousers and pants and then the bloke sort of mauled at my genitals while I wanked him off.”

4. Johnny Depp is blonde now.

The 50-year-old actor dyed his hair blonde for a movie role? Because he wanted to have more fun? We’ll have to wait and see.

5. Selena Gomez: ‘Everyday I get told I’m not sexy enough.’

Selena Gomez urged fans to ‘stay true to themselves’ at her concert in Connecticut on Saturday.

The 21-year-old Former Disney star said: “Everyday I get told I’m not sexy enough or I’m not cool enough or if I did this or if I did that, I would have people who love me.”

On Miley Cyrus she said:

“Hey, I don’t judge people. But to each their own,” Gomez replied.

“I think everybody has a journey and you feel you have to love at the end of the day.”

“There is not really a formula. I don’t really know if I have fully made the transition yet. I feel like half the time I feel like I’m 15 and then I feel like I’m 21 then I feel like I’m 30 when I’m sitting at home by myself on a Friday night watching the same episode of Friends.”

7. Harper Beckham plays soccer, is adorable.

Harper Beckham is following in her dad’s footsteps taking to the soccer field over the weekend.

Proving she can well and truly bend it like Beckham, the Harper couldn’t hide her delight as she scored her first-ever goal as her family cheered her on.

Images via x17Online.

8. Elle’s 20th Annual Women In Hollywood Party.

US Elle is throwing a party to celebrate the annual Women In Hollywood Issue. This year Melissa McCarthy (you may remember her cover created this controversy here) Reese Witherspoon, Penélope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t look like Jake Gyllenhaal anymore.

Jake Gyllenhaal has dramatically changed his appearance for his new movie ‘Nightwalkers,’ losing roughly 20 pounds (9 kilos).

The 32-year-old told Us Weekly: “I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry,” he said of his character, a freelance crime reporter who discovers a dark underground world in Los Angeles.

“It takes place in a land where I think there is a desert in a lot of ways, great opulence, and at the same time, great vastness and emptiness,” he said of the film’s scenery.