FLUFF: Kim K's boyfriend seems to be getting himself in all sorts of sex-tape related strife.

Lady Gaga has sparked a Twitter body revolution, just by tweeting  a picture of her in yellow underwear. After recent (ridiculous) coverage of her weight gain in the media, the singer has posted a photo with the caption: “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15″ and the note”A Body Revolution 2013”.

It’s started a new mission over at the Born This Way Foundation, encouraging her “little monsters” to get comfortable in their own skin. The Twitter account @ABodyRevolution has also been tweeting more underwear pictures of Gaga with messages such as “to inspire bravery” and “BRAVE REVOLUTIONARY”.

Bravo, Gaga.

Kim Kardashian headed to the beach yesterday and it seems she became really frustrated by the attention she was getting. Take a look at the photo she tweeted and tell us you don’t feel a bit sorry for her. We know she’s a celebrity, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Leave the poor girl alone so she can build a sand castle in peace!

Speaking of Kim – her boyfriend seems to be getting himself in all sorts of sex-tape related strife. Yesterday, Kanye West’s lawyer confirmed that a genuine sex tape had been stolen from the 35-year-old rapper and now it’s being reported that a second tape has emerged.

It is believed that both tapes were shot several years ago with exes. You can find out more about the debacle here.

Is this the most lavish wedding the world has ever seen? Last Friday in Brunei, the Sultan’s daughter – Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah – was married in a ceremony that’s estimated to cost $20 million. The week-long celebration will involve 2000 guests and take place in the 1700 room palace that is home to the Sultan and his family. Our invitation must have been lost in the mail.

The Princess’ dress would have cost about $20,000.

Kylie Minogue gets raunchy in her new music video. The pop star appears semi-nude and sensual in the video for her most recent song, Flower. Take a look:

Taylor Swift is set to play Joni Mitchell in a new biopic about the singer’s life and career. We are huge, huge fans of Taylor Swift ever since we heard this song, so we’re pretty chuffed about it. What do you think about the casting? Good choice or bad?

And in other fluff news:

– Bradley Cooper has gotten back together with one of his ex girlfriends. Go here to find out who it is.

– Britney’s cracked out the hair dye to turn her blonde mane into a rainbow of colour – check it out here.

– Having a bad day? It’s just about to get a whole lot better. Three words for you: Hugh Jackman shirtless.

– Has Madonna finally lost it? Go and join the dicussion over at iVillage.com.au right now.

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