Fluff: Ellen DeGeneres attacks Sofia Vergara on her show

1. Allow us to set the scene for you: This little video combines all the goodness of Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres, an opera singer, birds and a beach ball. It’s literally laugh-out-loud funny and confirms, once again, that Sofia Vegara is one seriously good sport. Take a look:

2. Guess which celebrity’s boyfriend proposed in Ugg slippers and Mr Happy Boxers? Click here to see (and watch the video). 

3. Remember Tricia Messeroux? She’s a US photographer who, just a few weeks ago, made kiddie recreations of celebrity looks at the Golden Globes. And now she’s done it again with the Grammys.

The imitation designer clothes in kid’s sizes, the mini-me’s themselves and the mimicked facial expressions and celebrity red carpet poses are perfection. Flick through the images from both awards ceremonies below.

4. Did you get a really crap Valentine’s gift yesterday? Send us a pic of it for the chance of us to make it up to you with a bottle of Beyonce’s new perfume. Click here for more details.

Did you get a crappy present for V-Day? Never fear…

5. Ke$ha has scored her own MTV documentary series, set to be called “My Crazy Beautiful Life”. It’ll feature the 25-year-old singer jumping out of buildings, swimming with sharks and drinking her own pee.

Yes, that’s right. Voluntary – not dying of thirst in the desert – actual pee drinking…

Ke$ha said in a BBC1 radio interview: “I was told drinking my own pee was good… Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, ‘That is mine!’ So I snatched it up and took a chug and it was really gross so I don’t do it anymore.”

Well. There’s a lesson worth remembering.

6. The “baby” photos of a 13 year old that are going viral.  This story will melt your heart – read it here.

Mind map

7. Fun fact of the day: Scarlett Johansson auditioned for Anne Hathaway’s role of Fontine, in the movie blockbuster Les Miserables. The 28-year-old actress told Broadway.com that she “sang her heart out” but sadly auditioned with laryngitis and didn’t quite cut it.

“I did everything I could to, like, not have laryngitis,” Johansson said. “[But] I think, looking at the film now, there’s no possible way I ever could have topped that performance. It was perfect and I think fateful and meant to be.”

8. If you participated in the Valentine’s day drinking game yesterday we think you’ll love this news from Angelina and Brad. Click here to read it.