Fluff: One weekend, two very different break ups.

1. Britney Spears has broken up with her fiance, Jason Trawick. The 31-year-old mother of two was engaged to 41-year-old Trawick for just over a year.

Britney’s rep, Jeff Raymond, released a statement saying: “Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have mutually agreed to end their one-year engagement. As two mature adults, they came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways while continuing to remain friends.”

Britney also confirmed the breakup, announcing in the statement: “Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement. I’ll always adore him and we will remain great friends.”

Jason originally proposed to Britney during an intimate dinner on his 40th birthday in December 2011. According to E!Online, Britney has since returned the $90,000 engagement ring he gave her. The site is also reporting:

The couple never took steps to plan a wedding, which seemed strange to those close to her, considering Britney had been “pushing to move the relationship forward” and “really wanted to get engaged and have a wedding.”

It would have been the third marriage for Britney. She married Jason Alexander in Las Vegas in 2004 (and divorced him 55 hours later) and in 2007 she married the father of her two sons, Kevin Federline.

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3. Kylie Minogue has split with her manager of 25 years, Terry Blamey, because she wants to focus on her acting career.

“Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her career and devote more time to herself and her acting career,” Blamey said in a statement.

Blamey helped launch Kylie’s career back in 1987, with the release of Locomotion –  at the time, the pop star was just 19 years old. She’s since gone on to sell lots of records. Like 70 million.

According to the UK Press:

It has been claimed that the pair fell out following growing tensions between Blamey and Miss Minogue’s father Ron, who are said to have disagreed about the direction of the singer’s career although the claims have been denied.

Blamey said the 44-year-0ld wasn’t retiring from music, just “taking a bit of a break.’

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5. Lady Gaga wants Kelly Osbourne to create a “kinder and braver world.”

So Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne (and Kelly Osbourne’s mum Sharon) are having a bit of a  the battle on social media. And we’re not really sure why.

It started in 2009 when Kelly called Gaga a “butterface” (meaning that everything but her face was attractive). She also called Gaga “disrespectful” for skipping the red carpet at the 2012 Grammys and speculated that her weight gain was because of pregnancy.

Ever since, Kelly has reportedly been slammed by Gaga’s fans. Kelly told Fabulous magazine in October: “Lady Gaga’s fans are the worst. They’ve said I should kill myself, that they hope I get raped. I mean it’s crazy but I’ve had this all my life and I just try and ignore it.”

Gaga recently a response to Kelly’s comments on her blog, writing:

I have empathy for you Kelly, but I feel it culturally important to note that you have chosen a less compassionate path. Your work on E! with the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another… What about your body revolution? It used to make me truly sad when I would hear people talk about your weight when you were younger, as I was bullied too. To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding.

And then Sharon Osbourne – Kelly’s mother – got involved, supporting her daughter for the comments she made. She wrote the following on Facebook:

Gaga’s meat dress

I must say your opinions on what is politically correct and acceptable totally differ from mine, but that is what makes the world so interesting…we are all different. How sweet that you have empathy for my daughter, as you feel that she has taken a less passionate path in life. You say her work on E! with the Fashion Police is “rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another.” Welcome to the real world.

In the end, Kelly reckons she’s brushing it all off anyway, tweeting:

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