Fluff: Beyonce goes to Brunswick. Melbourne loses its sh*t.

This is not exactly what you expect to find in Brunswick…

1. Beyonce goes to Brunswick. Melbourne loses its sh*t.

Beyonce is in Australia, doing her usual fabulous things. You know, performing her Mrs Carter tour to tens of thousands of her disciples. Getting around town in her black Mercedes. Hanging out the front of a nanna’s weatherboard in Brunswick.

Yes, one of the world’s biggest names was spotted taking part in a photo shoot in Melbourne’s inner-city hipster hotspot.

But she wasn’t sipping a soy chai latte while nibbling on quinoa bread. The star was actually hanging around ‘old Brunswick’, outside the weatherboard cottage of 80-year-old Jeanette Meadows.

There are currently conflicting reports as to how Ms Meadows gave permission for the photo shoot to occur. Fairfax are reporting that she thought she was supporting a young, local musician. But the story we really hope is true is the one we heard on Mornings: apparently Meadows thought that the publicist said that he was doing a photoshoot with his “fiancé.”


Needless to say that this bizarre occurrence has generated quite the response on the interwebs. Here are some of the best memes from the Beyonce in Brunswick Tumblr:

2. The official pictures from Prince George’s christening are really very cute.

The Palace have released the official photos from Prince George’s christening.

Four portraits were taken: one of Prince George and his parents, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one of the Royal Family, one of the Royal family and the Middletons, and a special picture of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, which is the first picture of four heirs of the throne to be taken in over a century.

Flick through our gallery to see the photos, as well as some other pictures from the Christening:

Prince Charles on the cover of the November 4 issue of Time.

3. Emma Thompson has said that dancing with this not-known-for-his-pin-up status celebrity is “better than sex.” Seriously?

Well, that’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

In their profile on the royal, Time interviewed 50 of Prince Charles’ closest friends and aides to provide an insight into all facets of the monarch they have dubbed “the forgotten prince.”

But some friends were a little more revealing than others.

In her interview, actress Emma Thompson spoke about Charles’ livelier side. The 54-year-old said:

Dancing with Charles, an old friend, is better than sex.

There’s a long history of relationships between Princes of Wales and actors—not just actresses, not just the rude relationships as [Charles] would say, though god knows I’ve tried. He wasn’t having any of it.

Emma Thompson and Prince Charles dancing. Now that’s something we want to see.

4. There was one very notable absence at the Kimye engagement/arena spectacular…

Why wasn’t Bruce Jenner there to witness this?

So, in case you’re just crawling out from under a particularly large rock, Kimye got engaged this week. Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in a stadium with an orchestra, a poorly spelt Jumboscreen message and a ring that was worth more than the GDP of various Mediterranean nations.


But, as Kim’s family came running onto the field after she said ‘yes’, there was one member of the clan who wasn’t there; Kim’s stepdad, Bruce Jenner.

TMZ is reporting that the 63-year-old, who recently split from Kim’s mother, Kris, was not invited to attend the event. However, he was the first person that Kim called after the proposal.

Jenner actively discouraged Kim from dating Kanye so soon after her split from Kris Humphreys, so perhaps Kanye wasn’t too keen on inviting him on those grounds?

Or perhaps he just thought the whole shebang was a bit… ridiculous?

5. Finally! Vogue is set to put a not-size-zero Hollywood actress on their cover.

Lena Dunham has been attending the 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party at the Chateau Marmont with none other than Anna Wintour:

The pair also sat side-by-side in the front row of the show.

Speculation that Dunham will cover Vogue has since reached critical levels, with various ‘insider sources’ confirming that the 27-year-old Girls star is in talks to become Vogue‘s latest cover girl. It’s a decision that would make perfect sense, and Vogue‘s Adele cover demonstrated that the magazine isn’t totally averse to showing women above a size zero.

Do you think she’ll make the cover?

And, just in case that Instagram picture has sparked your interest, here’s a gallery of the best dressed at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party.

6. Steve Irwin’s son launches his TV career. What a cutie.

Nine-year-old Bob Irwin is set to follow in his dad’s footsteps with his own TV show. ‘Wild but True’ is the name of Bob’s new children’s show, which will look focus on nature and science.

The show will premiere in Asia next year.

7. Yvonne Sampson tells her side of the ‘gesticulating on camera’ story.

Remember Channel Nine sports presenter, Yvonne Sampson? No. Well, let us jog your memory:

Writing for Sportsbet, Sampson has told the story behind her now infamous hand gesture. It all started when she was telling her friends about an incident in which a cameraman was caught cavorting with a miniature Christmas tree:

So there I was telling my friends this mediocre story when the broadcast came my way.

Tim Gilbert, friendly as can be, innocently asks for a wave.

“Go on Vonnie, give us a wave?”

What I delivered was something much more obscene. Innocent but still suggestive.

Sampson has also dispelled that she is dating cricketer, Chris Lynn, an element of the story that formed part of most media reports.

We’re so impressed with how Sampson has handled this whole situation. She concluded her blog by saying:

Now, when you Google my name the words “sex video” show up. I’ve officially made it… to hell I mean.

What a legend.