FLUFF: All the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

1. All the best celebrity Halloween costumes. 

If there’s one thing better than sitting in your pyjamas at 11pm eating the bowl of lollies that you bought for trick or treaters (who later turned out to be non-existent), it’s waking up the next morning to see what crazy things the stars of Hollywood were wearing as they traipsed around the streets, begging for lollies off strangers.

Some celebrities stuck with tradition and went as something scary. Others came as arbitrarily selected inanimate objects (Alexa Chung – here’s looking at you.) While a rather large number of celebrities dressed up as… other celebrities.

So meta.

Here are all the best outfits:

Lies! Lies!

2. The Beyonce Photobomb was a lie. A LIE.

We’re sorry, friends. We have betrayed you.

But, if it’s any consolation, we have also been betrayed.

Because that amazing photo bomb Beyonce did with that 15-year-old girl from Melbourne? (You know, the one we kind of freaked out about here.) It didn’t happen.

Valentina, the teenage in question, has taken to Tumblr to set the record straight:

Okay so as most of the people that have recently followed me i have been the girl that got her selfie ”photobombed” by Beyonce when in fact i asked her for the photo so she posed and smiled as the perfect person she is!

Just thought i’d clear the air haha

We’re not sure how to feel. On the one hand, the Beyonce photobomb legend has been exposed as false. On the other… BEYONCE WILL TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU AT HER CONCERT IF YOU ASK HER TO!

3. David Arquette dishes on Courteney Cox while drunk on the radio.

David Arquette has revealed that his ex-wife, Courteney Cox, has split from her Cougartown co-star, Brian van Holt, during a drunken radio interview with Howard Stern. He then went on to allege that Cox is already in another relationship.

Arquette called in to Stern’s Sirius XM radio show in a self-confessed drunken state, and proceeded to candidly discuss a variety of subjects.

But it wasn’t all bad, Arquette also spoke about his and Cox’s nine-year-old daughter, Coco, saying she’s: “She’s the most brilliant, beautiful friend that I’ve ever met.” Which is nice. In a drunken ramblings kind of way.

Cox and Arquette were together for 14 years. They finalised their divorce in May.

4. Want to live like Jackie O and JFK? This could be your lucky day.

The ranch built by Jackie O and JFK is up for sale.


Wexford, the ranch the couple built together a retreat for them and their two children is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom ranch house sitting on 166 acres in the rolling hills of Middleburg, Virginia. And it could be yours for the Presidential sum of $US11 million.

Look, we might need to stick with window shopping for the moment.

Ciick through the gallery to take a look at Wexford and other celebrity homes:

How I Met Your… Father?

5. The creators of How I Met Your Mother are proposing a spin-off. And, yeah. No points for originality here…

With How I Met Your Mother due to end next year, the show’s creators clearly need something else to do with their time. And they’re – reportedly – discussing a new TV show under a working title of:

How I Met Your… Father.

Genius. How did they even think that up?

But don’t get too excited. Barney won’t find himself embroiled in a paternity scandal. The show will involve an entirely new cast of characters.

So, How I Met Your Father. Thoughts?

This is a sponsored mention.

6. Former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements releases a new book.

Following in the stiletto heels of her bestselling The Vogue Factor, Kirstie Clements’ Tongue in Chic is a witty and salacious exposé of the world of glossy fashion magazines.

Readers can choose from a cocktail of cover colours, designed by the brilliant fashion illustrator Megan Hess, who also designed Candance Bushnell’s iconic books.  

Tongue in Chic hits stores today.

Alas, The Jo Bros are no more.

7. Which boy band is denying their split was due to one member’s drug habit?

So, just to bring you up to speed with the happenings on Planet Circa-2008 Disney Fangirl, the Jonas Brothers split up this week.

We know, we know. We’re devastated too.

But we can all take strength in the knowledge that it was not due to any band member (*cough* Joe *cough*) partaking in any form of illegal activity (*cough* getting hooked on heroin and needing rehabilitation *cough*).

In fact, according to the man himself, those rumours are 100% false. He told People Magazine:

“It’s ridiculous!”

“We’re not saying anything for two or three weeks and I’m a drug addict!”

“It’s obviously not true. I’ve never touched heroin in my life. Neither has my girlfriend.”

Well, there you go.