Fluff: Gwyneth Paltrow strips off in 'Thanks for Sharing' trailer.




1. Gywneth Paltrow and Pink star in a new movie about sex addicts.

In her new movie, Thanks for Sharing, Gwyneth Paltrow plays a Phoebe, a character who’s dating a sex addict, Adam, played by Mark Ruffalo. She can be seen in the trailer trying to seduce Ruffalo wearing nothing but a black bra, undies and suspenders. And that killer Tracy Anderson workout routine? It’s really paid off.

The film is the directorial debut of Stuart Blumberg, who co-wrote The Kids Are All Right, and also stars Tim Robbins and Pink.

2. Why the government won’t let Russell Crowe become an Aussie.

3. Asher Keddie to star in Aussie political drama.

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more political drama, along comes the news that Offspring actress, Asher Keddie is set to star in one.

Keddie won’t be donning a red-haired wig just yet, she is set to play politician Kate Ballard in Party Tricks to be screened on Channel 10.

The drama focuses on the campaign by Ballard to be State Premier.

Underbelly actor, Rodger Corser will play opposite Kedder as television and radio personality David McLeod who, against the odds, becomes the opposition leader.

4. The identity of Rob Pattinson’s mystery blonde has been revealed. Click here to find out who she is.

5. Oprah still reigns as Most Powerful Celebrity.

Despite not being on our free-to-air tv screens for two years, Oprah Winfrey has been named the most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes.com.

Sadly there were only six women to make the list of 100 but the good news is those six were in the top 10. Lady Gaga was named in the second spot earning a reported $US80 million in the year from June 2012 to June 2013, with Beyonce Knowles in fourth ($US53 million), Madonna in fifth ($US125 million) and Taylor Swift in sixth ($US55 million).


Ellen Degeneres took out the tenth spot ($US56 million) and was pipped out of ninth spot by Justin Bieber.

6. Guess what Curtis Stone would order for his last meal on death row? The answer will make your heart melt.

7. Kristen Bell proposes to Dax Shepard over Twitter.

Kristen Bell has asked Dax Shepard to marry her on Twitter in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling in favour of same sex marriage in California.

The pair, who have a three-month-old daughter, Lincoln Bell Shepard, together chose to wait until gay marriage was legal in their home state out of respect to their close friends.





Oh, and he said yes.

8. You will never guess – not in a million years – who’s on the cover of Candy magazine. Katy Perry? No! Zooey Deschanel? No! It’s …

9. EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Jackman’s son uses him as a wingman.

The other upside of having Hugh Jackman as your father? Using him as your wingman to help you pick up chicks.

Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborah Furness appear on Sixty Minutes this Sunday candidly talking about their children, namely their 13-year-old son Oscar, who pimps out his father for autographs in order to talk to girls.

Well played Oscar, well played.

Tune in to Sixty Minutes this Sunday at 7:30pm for the full interview.

10. Red carpet round-up.

Just when you thought peplum’s had gone to the big fashion heaven in the sky, these celebrities below go ahead and resurrect the trend. Take a look through our gallery for the latest in celebrity fashion.