FLUFF: Look who got married this weekend.

We were excited to hear this news over the weekend – why? Well, because we love a wedding. Anne Hathaway married actor/jewellery designer Adam Shulman on Saturday night.

The low-key wedding (well, low key for Hollywood – there was still 1/10 of a million dollars worth of flowers) in California had only family and friends attending and the bride wore a custom Valentino gown.

Some more details from People (you can also see a pic if you hop on over here):

Anne Hathaway and Adam Schulman

The Dark Knight Rises star kept her cropped pixie cut from Les Misérables for the big day, forgoing any hair extensions. She wore no jewelry, says the source. To accessorize, she donned a 1920s-inspired headband attached to a simple veil.

Also low-key: the guest list.

Still, the reception featured plenty of personal touches, including an all-vegan menu similar to the fare at their N.Y.C. engagement party last February, months after Shulman, 30, popped the question in November.

The 150-plus guests, surrounded by more than $100,000 worth of flowers (arranged by the celeb-savvy The Velvet Garden florist), were treated to tunes from the San Francisco-based jazz trio Americano Social Club.


A jazz trio? Fancy. That sounds like our kind of wedding.

Anne Hathaway wasn’t the only one tying the knot on Saturday – it turned out to be a bumper wedding weekend in Hollywood. You can catch up with all the news by flicking through our gallery below…


Poor Kate Middleton is caught up in yet another nude photo scandal. After her topless photo saga with a magazine earlier in the year, shots of her naked bum are apparently doing the rounds on the web. The photos—copied from a spread in Scandinavian magazine Se og Hør, who ran the photos this week—seem to have been snapped illicitly during the same private French sunbathing session that resulted in the topless photos.

Three words: Leave. Kate. Alone!

Here are many pictures of Kate – fully clothed – because personally we prefer to admire her fantastic wardrobe:


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love life is quickly getting even messier. The actor and former California governer has released a new autobiography, in which he admits his affair with his family’s housekeeper wasn’t the first time he cheated on Maria Shriver.

According to Time magazine, Arnie confessed having a “hot affair” with actress Brigitte Nielsen while they filmed Red Sonja in 1985 when he and Shriver were living together.

You can go here to read all about the other dirty little secrets Arnie’s admitted to in this new book, including more details of his affair with the family housekeeper. (Apparently, his ex-wife is refusing to read the book – can anyone blame her?)


This video has gone viral – it’s a pro-Obama video of Samuel L Jackson reading a Dr Seuss style “Go the F**k to Sleep* entitled “Wake the F**K up”. Watch it here.