FLUFF: a new baby, a celebrity pregnancy, and the woman in Gaga’s bed.

1. BREAKING NEWS FROM THE RED CARPET: Would you wear it? In the gallery below are outfits from the Allan Border Medal evening, which took place last night.

After a sweltering summer of cricket and long hours in the sun, the girlfriends and wives of Australia’s cricketing elite turned out in fine form at the sport’s annual red carpet night. The majority of the frocks were long, flowing gowns. Check them out:

Gerard and baby Milan.

2. Shakira and her husband, soccer star Gerard Piqué, have introduced their 2-week-old son Milan to the world, with an adorable photo that will melt your ovaries.

The photo, which shows baby Milan receiving a sweet kiss from his father, is available through Shakira and Gerard’s UNICEF webpage – where they are asking for donations to celebrate the arrival of their son, to help save children’s lives. (We donated before using this picture.)

Milan is the first child of the 35-year-old Columbian singer and her  footballer partner, 25. The couple have been together since 2011.

The couple write on the UNICEF website: “We hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations. Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us.”

Click through for a gallery of other new celebrity parents:


3. Speaking of which… Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are reportedly expecting another baby. A second child would join their two-year-old son, Leonardo.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six:

Penelope Cruz is about to be a mom again, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The Spanish beauty has been spotted recently with a fuller figure and sources close to the star confirm that she is indeed pregnant.

Penelope “One Of The Most Attractive Women In The World” Cruz and Javier “One Of The Most Attractive Men In The World” Bardem started dating in 2007 while filming on the set on Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and wed in July 2010. Both stars are Oscar winners – so presumably all their offspring will be beautiful and talented.

4. For all those people looking for a gift with a difference – we bring you these er, personalised treasures made from breast milk. Yes you read that right. Click here to see.

5. Beyonce’s Superbowl performance was probably better than the actual Superbowl – and then, after the concert, this happened:

This picture of a beaming Beyonce jumping into the arms of husband Jay-Z has gone viral.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been married since 2008, and their baby girl Blue Ivy turned 1-year-old in January.

You can see the entirety of Beyonce’s booty shaking halftime performance here. Must. Watch.

6. While we all know that Beyonce was a highlight of the Superbowl (was there a football game?), we also can’t stop talking about the ads that aired on US TV. Here are 10 of the best – watch them here. 

7. And in more brilliant Beyonce news she’s announced the dates of her Mrs Carter tour. You have to see the amazing promo video here. 

Lady Gaga – even more outrageous than expected.

8. Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant/best friend is now alleging that she was made to “sleep with” the famously outrageous performer. 

The ex-PA-come-best friend, Jennifer O’Neill, is not only suing Lady Gaga for over 7000 hours of overtime, but claims that she controlled her life.

In court papers published by the New York Post, O’Neill claims, “I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her. Because she did not sleep alone.”

“Unlike anybody else on that tour … I did not have my own hotel room. I was not asked if I wanted my own hotel room.”

She continued: “I had no privacy, no chance to talk to any family, no chance to talk to any friends, no chance to have sex if I wanted to have sex. There was no chance to do anything.”

Lady Gaga hit back by calling O’Neill a ““f–king hood rat who is suing me for money that she didn’t earn.”

Ladies, please.

9. Even though Psy’s Gangnam Style is the most copied song ever, there is new copy out that’s got people talking.  Maybe that’s because it’s made by Psy himself – watch it here.