Five reasons I'm happy to be staying in on a Friday night.

“I for one am happy to be staying in most Friday nights.”


There was a time in my life when the entire week revolved around my Friday night. The rest of the week was merely an obstacle I had to continuously hurdle to make it through to that magic 5pm siren.

Having said that, in hindsight, my Friday nights were always a variation of the same activity. Meet at a bar, enjoy cheap, watered down drinks and continue on into an evening that combined even more drinking, bad dancing and consequently, eating a pizza in a taxi queue at 2am.

Somewhere along the way, I began to not only dislike spending my Fridays night like this, I started to resent them. Having said that, for some unknown reason there has always been this part of me that feels “pressure” to be doing “something” with my Friday nights. Even as a parent. But why do we feel we have to be out somewhere to be enjoying them?  Why aren’t we embracing the wind down of a Friday? Why aren’t we enjoying more me-time? Why on earth are we out there fighting with our elbows to get in line and be served overpriced fancy craft beer at an overpriced fancy bar, only to have to stand around, crammed into a corner and feeling uncomfortable?

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Moccona Coffee. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

I for one am happy to be staying in on Friday night and this is why:

Baths. Long, hot, steamy, solo baths.

Baths. Long, hot, steamy, solo baths.

It is SUCH a luxury to just hop into a bath, at just the right temperature and sink down into it. On Friday’s with the week behind me and the weekend in front of me, this feels especially delicious.

I have more money

Seriously. To go out to a bar these days nearly bankrupts me. $9 for one beer? For real? Add that to the food I used to consume and the long haul taxi I’d grab to take me home and it all added up to one expensive night out.


I get to catch up on all of my TV shows

Our viewing habits have changed and evolved over time. I now like to watch them all in one hit, no longer having to wait between episodes. Friday nights are perfect for sitting down in front of the TV, popping on the latest show, curling up with a hot Moccona (the new kind infused with chocolate, delicious)  and indulging in some me-time. Seriously, if you haven’t tried one of these, you haven’t lived.

Coffee and a book. Heaven.

I get to read

There was also a time, before I had children, before I was responsible, that I would read and read and read. I could spend entire weekends polishing off books. Now I find that Friday nights are made for this kind of reading.  After the kids are in bed and I know there is no alarm to be set for the next day, I can get comfy, grab my favourite hot drink and settle in with the latest best seller. Or simply finish off one of the 14 that I’ve already started.

I get to decompress

The thing about a working week is that you know each night when you go to sleep that you have to set the alarm. Same goes when the kids have to get to school the next day. There is a schedule, a deadline. No one wants to be late. Yet Friday nights, well they are a thing of beauty. You can go to bed late knowing that Saturday will be a relatively easy transition into the weekend.

Best of all Friday nights now are about relaxation and me-time. Whereas once they were about a frenzied night of chaos and mass organisation, they have become my happy sanctuary. One where I get to do what *I* want.

Modern life is super-busy – it’s a thousand jobs rolled into one. We know you wouldn’t change it for the world, but wouldn’t it be nice to pause for a little bit of ‘me-time’ every once in a while?

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How do you spend your Friday evenings?