5 fashion wardrobe staples + WIN one of 10 organic cotton tees.

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Have you ever bought a cheap item of clothing only to have it fall apart after one or two washes/wears? Enter the quality (and sustainable) fashion staple.

At a time where ‘fast’ fashion is turned around at break neck speeds and is yet to reach its saturation point, we’re losing sight of where and in what condition these cheap garments are being made in.

The fact that many chain stores, brands and labels continue to use child labour and poor working conditions evades many of us when handing over the credit card or hitting the checkout button. Unwittingly supporting these companies can be avoided by researching ethical clothing companies and practices and of course, investing in quality, sustainable and classic wardrobe staples.

1. The White Tee

Soft cotton tees are the fashion equivalent of butter to sourdough bread, oh wait, we’re talking fashion I need a lower calorie comparison; the tuna to a Niçoise salad.

Whether you’re a scoop neck or a v-neck girl, the humble white tee is a stylish and practical go-to that can be worn with anything and everything. Under a blazer, tucked into a high-waisted skirt, with a pair of ripped jeans… you get the idea.

2. Dark denim

Boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, skinny jeans, bootleg jeans, white jeans; these styles all had their moment in the denim spotlight over the last few years but one constant remains: dark denim continues to be the most polished of all the styles.

Look for companies such as Levi’s, who is a brand committed to ensuring their product’s life cycle is as sustainable as possible.

3. Classic heels

True story: I have a pair of low-heeled kitten sandals stashed in the back of my wardrobe that are covered in mould because I haven’t worn them since 1998. That’s how long I’ve been waiting for them to come back into style – and I think I can safely say it won’t happen any time soon.


Meanwhile my nude round-toe heels are almost worn down with use, moral of the story: look for classic pump styles that will endure trends.

4. Trench coats

Worn the wrong way, trench coats can appear schoolgirl-flasher or Inspector Gadget-like. My tip is to go for a more feminine style with a soft drape collar in black or caramel to move away from the more masculine, traditional Burberry look.

5. Pencil skirts

It’s true that pencil skirts are going through a revival right now but considering it was Christian Dior who bought them into the modern consciousness in the late 1940s, your chances of this piece of clothing being deemed un-wearable anytime soon are pretty slim.

Nicky is wearing the Betty Browne v-neck style.

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