real life

Everyday micro-moments that will give you a lifegasm.

There are moments in life that confirm there is definitely a higher power. Sittin’ up there. Just chillin’. Watchin’ over you.

These moments… they’re uplifting; they’re transcendental; they melt your soul into a blubbery heap in the best way possible and re-assure you that there IS good in the world.

Here are those moments… the very best life has to offer:

  • When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide (assume this is what heroin feels like).
Actual photo taken at moment scissors start gliding. via iStock.
  • Waking up and discovering it's only 2am. The actual best. 

Robin Bailey has a genius trick to help you sleep more. Post continues after audio...


  • Flipping your pillow over to the side that's all fresh 'n' cold.
  • When the little man turns green RIGHT as you approach the crossing and you don't even have to stop walking.


  • When your bus or train pulls into the station as you're arriving.
  • When you're cold to the bone - shivering, goosebumps, blue lips - and hop in a steaming hot shower.
  • When you have nothing to do with your hands so you put 'em in your pockets... and find a $50 note.
Cash money, yo. via Pinterest.
  • When the waiter brings your food just as you return from the bathroom.
  • When you slice open the perfect avocado (honestly better than sex).
  • Squeezing a substantial blob of toothpaste out of a tube you thought was empty.
  • When you actually have the perfect size Tupperware for your leftovers.


  • When you want to cancel on someone because you're not in the mood AND THEN THEY CANCEL ON YOU.


What have we missed? What makes YOU lifegasm?