Open post: "I survived the first week of school."

What’s happening in your world?

It’s open post time. Let’s get talking about your week and get a conversation going here.

I’ll start off by telling you about my week.

I’m feeling a strange mix of happy and sad. Happy because my son has started school and seems to be coping okay. Sad because I miss having him at home with me.

I was a bit worried that he  might struggle at a big school, but by the end of day two he already had a friend and pointed her out to me.

“Can she come over to our house to play?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. “What’s her name?”

“That’s a bit of a tricky question.”

Oh, okay. Well, at least he has a friend, even if he doesn’t know what her name is.

Me and my kids.

Parenting fail of the week: Getting to school just as the bell is ringing every single day. There always seems to be something holding me up. One morning I could not find a pair of white socks in the house, even though I know I've bought dozens. Another day my son got his finger stuck in a plastic screwdriver handle just as we were about to leave. Then there's all the time I spend breaking up ridiculous fights between my son and daughter: "I can't eat my breakfast because she's sitting next to me reading a scary book!"

I wish I was one of those super-organised mums who was always at school early. Maybe I'll get better as the weeks go by.

Parenting win of the week: My daughter saw a little girl fall over in the schoolyard and rushed up to her. She helped her brush the dirt off her clothes, and kept asking her if she was okay. I think, if I can bring up kids that are kind to other kids, that would make me prouder than anything else.

So how about you? Any parenting wins or fails you want to talk about? This is the place to do it.