The final conversations of Charlotte Dawson.

Charlotte Dawson tragically committed suicide on Saturday

The devastating death of Charlotte Dawson on Saturday has rocked not just Australia’s entertainment world, but made international headlines.

Fox News today presented a tribute to the “anti-bullying crusader”.

UK papers have also featured news of her tragic death, and back home her friends and family have spoken of the shock, dismay and helplessness they have felt in the wake of her passing.

In a heartfelt tribute to one of his closet friends, fellow Kiwi Richard Wilkins has written in the Daily Telegraph of his devastation.

His raw, honest and incredibly loving words are difficult to read — with his obvious love for his great friend shining through.

He writes:

“So … our gorgeous girl is gone. What a mind-numbing, gut-wrenching tragedy. Charlzie, Charley D, Daws, she of many nicknames (almost as many as she gave) has left us in unspeakable circumstances. Her friends and family are absolutely devastated knowing that the world has lost such a beautiful soul.”

Wilkins writes of how in her final hours she sat in his dressing room in Channel 9, and spoke of her ex-husband Scott Miller and reflected upon his interview the week beforehand with 60 Minutes.

On the day of the 60 Minutes interview she had tweeted:

“Hoping Scott Miller a man I loved very much can recover & become a great dad to jack. So sad @60Mins.”

But it seems that the interview rocked Charlotte Dawson.

Richard Wilkins told the Daily Telegraph, “We were talking a lot about Scott’s interview … which had raised a lot of stuff for her.”

Charlotte Dawson and Richard Wilkins with Paul Hogan

He says she told him, ‘I hope to hell he was smart enough to do a deal for a follow-up story when he’s better’.

In his tribute, Wilkins recalls how he and Charlotte Dawson shared an office many years ago when they both worked on Channel 9’s Today Show.

“We shared an office and had a ball. My belly chortle and her raucous laugh filling every corner of our little world.”

News Limited report that police are investigating Charlotte Dawson’s Twitter account for any abusive messages she may have received.

Wilkins also wrote of her struggle with the trolls who hounded her.

“I wish to God she’d taken everyone’s advice and just cancelled her Twitter account or thrown away her phone. But sadly she was addicted to all the drama and, of course, there was a never-ending supply of that.”

Charlotte Dawson’s sister has now arrived in Sydney to finalise her funeral arrangements.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

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